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  1. Oh shit that phat is pretty cool idea even tho it's Untradeable it's still awesome ! Love it guys
  2. Great work guys Can't wait to get back on and experience these sexy updates you guys be pulling out
  3. Inactivity :(

    Unfortunately due to getting a bunch of hrs at work and having alot of personal shit to handle irl I've become inactive. I shall be back soon with ideas for wiki and to grind ig once again! Miss u guys especially @Bodhi <3
  4. D R L intro

    Ay man! Didn't expect u here but nonetheless I'm glad your given this server a chance Feel free to pm me on discord to catch-up bud
  5. Megafun12's Introduction

    Megabb Glad to see you back on rsps's !
  6. Hunger Games under construction !

    Can't wait having already played this I'm super hype to go again, WAS ADDICTING !
  7. Clue Scroll Guide *Revamped*

    Great work on revamping the guide bodhi, really needed it Keep up the great work bb
  8. Thanks guys for the continuous updates keep it up
  9. Evil kindling shop.

    100% Support
  10. Update 015 - Well of Goodwill and bugfixes

    Awesome update especially the well Definitely needed a change. Great work again devs and staff team!
  11. Item Reservation Event (10 Requirements)

    Love the idea of how your hosting this event tbh, makes people earn it instead of just getting it with no fun Good luck everyone and to me too
  12. Hi i'm No Donations

    Finally made an introduction, this nub <3
  13. Buying ti keys 35m ea (also a lot of other items)

    I got you with some ranger boots and hats tmrrw and probably some dboots @Divine winds, just msg me when u see me online then.
  14. Titanium rank $2,500

    Neutral. Ok I'm all for having a new rank but like @Squishy and @Atlas said the perks need to be reworked and most importantly realistic perks, the bonus such as exp, drops and unlimited are good but the ones such as discount, title and drop rates can be fixed. Overall the point of donating is to support a server you love to be on and a part of, not to really take advantage in perks from them. I've donated much of my money myself just cause I liked and really was interested in the server in it's long run.
  15. Thanks for the update guys Definitely see that you guys are really focusing on making the server better everyday which ilove