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  1. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Going to decline making a YouTube banner for 500m. Not enough money for the time being put into it. Sorry about that. You can have the signature for free though.
  2. Xero

    Welcome to the server m8. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Xero's GFX Shop

    Yes. You can upload gifs to at least Imgur. I'm not sure about the others as I don't use anything besides Imgur.
  4. Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

    Some juicy updates. I'm interested to see where this community event leads.
  5. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Not sure what you meant by banner size, so I just made it 500x250 PX.
  6. Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    Some awesome suggestions, don't really have any disagreements here. Somethings should be prioritized over others, but overall not bad suggestions. Support.
  7. First Hcim to max, what now pls read u will know

    I still haven't even maxed on my main lul. Nice achievement. Would be interested in seeing you max an account only training in the lowest level possible. For example, only fish and cook shrimp to 99. It'd be difficult to do, and really bad ass to accomplish. Also keeping all materials / items you get from the grind would be cool to see as well.
  8. 100m not pos?

    Has been suggested before, agree 100% with this. Massive support.
  9. scythe

    Meh, if this could be added I guess it'd be cool. Not really needed though. If it's a quick fix, support. Would never say to prioritize this though.
  10. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Please fill out the format.
  11. Not a bad video. Would recommend cutting out the useless stuff in the beginning (i.e. All of you just talking). If you need some channel art hmu
  12. Welp, watch the video to figure out how I'll stay uploading. Enjoy the video? Leave a like and subscribe for more.
  13. League of Legends

    I figured I'd post something regarding League as it's one of the most popular games as of right now, especially since it's free. If you play League, share the following! Username - Region - Rank - Position Main - Top Main - Jungle Main - Mid Main - ADC Main - Support Main - If you have multiples, feel free to share. I'll start us off. Username - IceAppleX Region - North America Rank - Silver 2 Position Main - Jungle / Top Top Main - Jax Jungle Main - Jax / Shaco Mid Main - Ekko ADC Main - Draven / Jhin Support Main - Leona / Soraka Let us know what's up with your League stuff bois.
  14. Epok's Suggestions

    I agree with @Bodhi regarding the kindling store. Charming Imp should stay untradeable, at least via player. Shops should be moved into the General Store, or the building behind the altars. It's super annoying having to run down there whenever I want to buy something. Tele Tabs OP.
  15. Erm, good guide I guess. It's really basic, literally nothing special about it. Add in how many of a specific log it takes to get where, how many it takes with exp enhances, lamps, etc. All you told us here was how to train firemaking, not the fastest way to 99.