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  1. Road to ALL 'BOSS' Pets!

    I'm actually doing duo-slayer with "Ymke" and he got a Bandos (Generaal graardor) pet last night. Now i got the zamorak pet (2kc) + zamorak hilt (4kc)
  2. Road to ALL 'BOSS' Pets!

    My Goal : Receiving every BOSS pet Achieved : - Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak pet) @ Kind Regards, Elephant
  3. Maxing Tournament

    Tournament Being maxed in the fastest time (Proof needed with date/time of skills and account) The #1/#2/#3 fastest maxed persons will receive a reward from me (no junk) JOIN IN! Kind Regards, Elephant.
  4. Maxed rank request

    First rank : Gold donator Second rank : Maxed Proof :
  5. Farming guide

    Tip : Do NOT spam click the Master farmer, because it will not give any seeds to you than. Tested it. Click on it, till you got your xp dropped + seed, than click again. Do NOT keep clicking, you'll receive no seeds. @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  6. Farming guide

    Great guide dude! Really helpfull. Forums really needs to be updated again do.. Should be nicer to have those 's back. Oh wait they're back P.S. It takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds for a Flower to grow. Rake the Flower patch to get rid of weeds Use seed on Flower Patch Use Watering Can (8) on Flower Patch (YOU DO NOT NEED A WATERING CAN FOR FLOWER) No idea why. Wait 7 minutes and 30 seconds for the flower to grow, then harvest. Refer to the table at the bottom of the guide to find out what levels are required for each Flower Seed.
  7. Suggestion list(kinda huge)

    Huge list and +1 on everything i've seen this far! Great job on the list bodhi It's appreciated to see alot of effort into those suggestions! @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  8. Old Forums

    I just viewed Squishy's topic about adding the old forum abilities in the new one, like "Days online/hours" So my suggestion : Put back the old forum abilities, just with this new view on forums. The forums is great, but we miss the old abilities we had off the old one. - Every player is able to vote on this suggestion in the pol! @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  9. Elephant's Clan

    You have been ACCEPTED, please send me a message in-game on Extra Skill/Elephant/Lil Elephant for your rank!
  10. Staff feedback

    +1-20 on what i would give the staff-member. (1 extreme low, 20 is the best) (The points are only for how i think Personal about you, not of your job being a staff-member!) Owner @Stan +20 - I would like to thank you for being a great owner and working alot on the server, even BTS. You're doing a great job! Keep it going. PS: Extremely nice guy. @Luka +15 - I haven't really spoken to you, but you've been doing alot of work on the server aswell with a great job and BTS. @zeven+13 - Haven't seen you around alot, or spoken to you. But thanks for helping out stan/luka on your vacation, heared you was working alot BTS also. Developer @quartz/Shane +15 - Shane, i've been starting to know you right now. Real nice guy, great staff-member and doing his job for a full 101% Manager @Prophet +10 - I actually never spoken to you.. Still, i would like to thank you for being a part of the staff-team, you are probably doing a great job aswell! Administrator @Willus +11 - Willus, great guy. Haven't seen you around alot lately. But i know you're a great admin of my knowledge from Arrav. Dripz/@JacktheMan +16 - Well.. You've just became a ex-admin, but i would still like to thank you for everything you've done and for how long you have been around the server(s). Love X/@Divine winds +19 - X, Great guy, helpfull, nice, able to tell him everything even personal stuff. <3 Moderator @Digimon +15 - Digimon my Ironman mod, you've been here for a long time. And are you doing great by being a moderator. @Lemmtim +18 - Lemmy, i've spoken to you alot the first days but this got less now. I know you're a good person and a very helpfull staff-member, keep up the good work. @Rangeallday +13 - You're a good staff-member, never really spoken to you alot since Runeworld. Arrav we had some good times Server Support @yajtseeb +14 - Great server-support and doing his job well to keep the community great, Havent really spoken to you alot. @Master cut22 +15 - Great server-support and also doing his job well to keep the community great, spoken to you alot on Arrav. If your score is lower than expected, Do NOT take this personal! I've probably just not seen you around alot/Talked to you, to know how you are. @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  11. Farewell guys :)

    Sad to see you go Dripz, you've always been a great adminostrator and will always stay a great admin! Thanks for all the effort you put in Simplicity/Arrav, and Runeworld! Goodluck in-real and i hope you have a great time, please stay in contact with us on forums for a few times, would be amazing! @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  12. Thanks to everyone of the staff team, especially Stan/Luka and quartz! The update is looking amazing, we're certainly going the right way. #1 RSPS i've ever seen so far @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  13. Primary rank : Gold donator Secondary rank(s) : Ironman Proof :
  14. Runecrafting guide

    Ofcourse mate, i will be doing this in now-2 hours! @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
  15. Price guide

    It hasn't been updated since 22 August, 2017. I will be looking forward on it. Once i am able to get back in contact with a staff member to let the prices be checked, so the prices that are incorrect are able to be correct again. This will happen (maybe) today/tomorrow. (The latest will be in 2 weeks of time, duo to staff-members being very bussy and of the prices changing alot daily right now) @ Kind Regards, Elephant.