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  1. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    I have to agree with @Suffer. Runeworld decided not to have alot of custom items, or keep them in minimum. Although your suggestion is kinda neat, it would fit better into custom RSPS.
  2. Sup plebs

    I mean I moved to Lohja, but I'll be at Kerava tomorrow
  3. Sup plebs

    Babe, love from Lohja <3
  4. Ironman issues.

    I have to agree with you. Ironman should be restricted so theres only one shop where ironmen can buy stuff, being ironman npc.
  5. What I've realised is you really cant trust big rsps owners, because all they do is play benefits on their own pocket. @Zeven and @Stan knows exactly what I'm talking about. Graham may have caused some inconvenience, but runeworld doesnt need such corrupted place to be advertised, we are independent and strong enough to gain attention without retarded people. Nonetheless lovely update. I love to see how hard you guys are working out to make runeworld better place for everyone. Cant wait to succeed HCIM Keep it up bros
  6. Hi. Read this or your stupid.

    You're, I've, Dungeoneering* Not so stupid anymore? :*
  7. D R L intro

    Love you bby
  8. Face Thread

  9. Face Thread

    Runeworld as a close community, we pretty much know each others pretty well. But whos who? Lets start official face thread where everyone shows their face. Ill give one soon, phone doesnt allow to attach one.
  10. Hello RuneWorld

    I do remember staff member saying to me, itse legal to multilog, but never on wilderness on both accounts. If it's not a rule, I support.
  11. This or That?

    You done it wrong, I assume. Even my iPhone 5s could handle JB
  12. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Am I the only one who noticed "Propeht" instead of "Prophet" lol. Looks damn fine mate
  13. Tattoos!

    I'm not kinda sure what you meant by ballsy. Yeah tattoos are bad in Finland too, but I've always done things I find being interesting without getting bothered about someones opinions. Long story short, I love tattoos.
  14. This or That?

    Actually, with iPhone you have unlimited capabilities If you know how to. I guarantee you can do more with iPhone than with Android phone. I'm not iPhone fanboy, I have Android but talking from my experience