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  1. Our Merge with Gielinor.org

    Let's hope this project will continiue and strive for the best outcome.
  2. This Or That

    Cookie for sure ! Baked potatoes or mashed potatoes?
  3. Dear RuneWorld community, It's Black Friday weekend and of course we will be putting up a discount for you all ! Please use the coupon code : blackfriday You'll get 30% discount on ANY purchase in the shop ! This will be available until sunday 21:00 GMT+1.
  4. RuneWorld [RSPS] DH RISKFIGHT 2B's

    Goodjob on the switching ! Nice video, love to see more from ya
  5. Progress report

    holy damnnnnn, That's a huge mile stone there, and so soon already. I'm happy you support us trough thick and thin mate. Let's see those progress posts coming !
  6. diamond + iron rank

    Rank given, thank you for donating mate !
  7. Dear RuneWorld community, This is the moment so many of you have been waiting on ! We are proudly introducing you to the new mode, Hardcore Iron Man. Here is the explanation of the mode. You start out with 1 LIFE. This life will be lost if you die outside a safe zone. Safe zones: *Duel Arena *Fight Caves *Pest Control *FFA *Dungeoneering You can obtain additional lives . 1 LIFE is obtained by reaching 1600 total LvL & another one at 2000 total LvL. If you wait with claiming your "1600 total LvL LIVE" until you reached 2000, you get 1 extra additional LIVE on top of the 2. That means, you end up with 4 lives in total. Special PERKS of a Hardcore Iron Man : 25% additional Drop rate boost. A special crown designed for HCM. We also have a Hardcore Ironman Score board. That is like a highscore that shows a list with Harcore Iron man accounts and their play time. Keep in mind, you won't get play time if you become IDLE so you HAVE to play and actually be active In-Game in order to stay on the list. What if I die and lose my last live ? You become a normal Iron man and will lose the 25% drop rate boost. You'll be stripped of the Hardcore iron man crown. What if I die in a safe zone ? You will NOT lose your live.
  8. Dear RuneWorld community, With all the updates around us we have been working on a big Mini-Game behind the scenes. A few players & Staff members have been helping us with the content. What is Hunger Games going to be ? Hunger games is a Mini Game with you starting off in a "circle" with 5 - 10 other players. You then have 5 - 10 minutes to scatter the "map" for treasure chests. Those chests have up to 3 items in them. The goal is to get yourself geared up as fast as possible and ofcourse, as powerfull as possible. When the time is over you'll be teleported to a smaller area where you then have to fight each other. Last man stands wins ! The game will be rewarding Hunger Games points that unlock unique features and perks.
  9. Hello

    Whatsup mate, Happy to see you around here ! Hope you'll have a wonderful time around the server...will speak to you soon !
  10. Request for rank

    Rank given, thank you Suffer and welcome to the server mate !
  11. 20$ GIVEAWAY and PKING BOTS?!

    Nice video you got there mate. Goodluck on the $20 give away for those who participate !
  12. Megafun12's Introduction

    Hey Mega ! Long time no speak mate, happy to see you around :). I'll talk to you soon !
  13. Dear RuneWorld community, As some of you already noticed, we have increased in advertisement. Not only are we on several top lists with golden places we also invested into Youtubing. For Youtubing there is a whole different ball game, our payment goes by RSGP. Unfortunately our budget isn't too big so buying RSGP for the rates it's now and paying the Youtubers for the selling rates is giving us a huge loss. There for we are calling in the help of you guys ! We are now accepting RSGP Donations. Not only that, if you donate with RSGP you will have a 10% discount. You can donate RSGP by contact either me, @Stan or @Prophet. RSGP rates : Keep in mind this is different then you would "buy" the RSGP. RS3 ~ 8m - 1$ 07 ~ 1m = 0.90$ All RSGP will be used to fund our Youtubing advertisement.
  14. Dear RuneWorld community, With all the updates happening around and new content being provided we have thought of something new to spice up the Donation box ! We introduce 4 new items into RuneWorld ! Stats as a Chaotic Longsword but a very special effect upon equipping ! Your droprate will be increased by 2% ( will stack on RoW ). Combined with the Angel Sword, the Off hand will give another 1% drop rate chance increase. Stats as an Chaotic longsword but a very special effect upon equipping ! Your damage dealt will be increased by 2% Combined with the Devils Sword, the Off hand will give another 1% damage boost. How to obtain these epic weapons ? They are only obtainable trough the Donation box as a Legendary reward. Who will be the first one to obtain one of the weapons ?! It's just a matter of time !!
  15. Nice left ear you got me there ! haha, I think it's something with the recording settings of your voice Nice video, as seen the bot is "spamming" [ the bot senses you switches curses, it will adapt. This will be fixed in the next update + a few extra features. I like the videos & music choice, goodjob !
  16. Suggestion list(kinda huge)

    //bump, we are still looking into the suggestions and see what we can use. Yes I know this is grave digging but we need the thread up again. Whut you gon do about it. Any feedback on certain suggestions are welcome !
  17. Protect's Indroduction

    Welcome mate, happy to hear you are enjoying your time here ! Hope to see more Forums posts from you Cya around !
  18. Hi i'm No Donations

    Hey lovely, I think 95% of the server already knows you but I'm happy you made an introduction. "Welcome" and I'm sure we'll be here together for a long long time ! X lots of love.
  19. Next update will be even better. Goodjob to the team !
  20. Gold Donor Rank

    Rank given, thank you for donating !
  21. Nex Revamp

    I really like this suggestion and I even readed a few things twice to make sure I understood your intentions there. At first I thought you ment it so you get a crystal and whenever combined you can change an NEX piece into another piece... haha.T My question though, how would you see the "upgraded" torva, @stan and I agreed on NOT turning RuneWorld into a custom server. That doesn't mean we can have a few customs, as you might know we already have some. This way of increasing the activity of NEX is a brilliant one, I'd like to see the feedback of others. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this up.
  22. Purple Rain's Introduction

    Welcome to RuneWorld Tee, happy to see you around here. As said before, long time no see...hope to speak to you on Discord soon
  23. Love your commentary mate, thanks for yet another video ! I didn't know you liked this kind of music or is just for the players ? Goodluck participants of the Give away!
  24. Bodhi's Introduction

    Love the intro mate. Damn The Originals a new season, I HAVE to watch it..my favorite ! I'm sure you'll have an amazing adventure at RuneWorld, cya around buddy
  25. A proper Introduction

    Once again welcome mate, Im extremely happy to have you around ! And don't worry, @Bodhi always smells worse then you do