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  1. Cya boiz

    see ya satis, was fun having you around mate, good luck from here on <3
  2. Evil kindling shop.

    we still want this
  3. hey every1, i just wanted to say goodbye to those i didn't see at my giveaway, i had a great time. it IS the best private server i have played in years, the players are great, and the staff is friendly. good luck in life and all that, i just wanna give a special thanks to x and stan. to stan for hosting such a great server, with all the things you would want. and to x. For being a great staff member and friend, who can take a joke . Thats all folks! -blackboi out
  4. Evil kindling shop.

    hello there, i have an idea for the use of evil kindlings. Make an npc shop. Add: Lumberjack outfit to the shop for 500-1000 kindlings each. add: dragon hatchet for 1500-2000 kindlings each. add: Seed Box 200 kindlings each(should NOT give random seeds we can't use, like tree/fruit seeds.) add: herb Box 200 kindlings each. This is just a few things that could be added. This is just to make it abit easier for ironmen to get a hold of seeds like ranarr/snaps, as its a pain to collect them in bulk. Remove: lumberjack outfit from agility shop, and add graceful instead.(?)
  5. Crashed star suggetions.

    it gives insane amount of mining exp tho. and every 100-200 stardust, is to reduce the afking people are doing, that will make it a more active "minigame" + theres a small chance for outfit. making it every 3k, you'll will never get the set.
  6. Farming nerf why?

    sorry, you can rake, and make compost for good starting exp, but still.. buff the rate you can click him.
  7. Farming nerf why?

    hi its black here. can we revert master farmer to its former glory? right now people can't even get the seeds to train from level 1. and even us high levels tryied to get the seeds for low levels, but it took me 25min to get 3 potato seeds... please think about this, and buff him back to normal.
  8. Crashed star suggetions.

    Hi there its me black. i would like to suggest that crashed star gets a little more fun to do. add: a monster that will appear every 100-200 dust you mine, that will attack you, its drop table should only be a chance of the mining outfit.(extremely rare for onyx) Or just make it simple, and give outfit from mining, and make it rare. add: make it so ROW(ring of weath) will give a bigger chance of high level gems, also onyx. when mining the crashed star. nerf: lower the mining exp you get from the crashed star, this is also the gem exp.