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  1. Advertisements are up!!! LEGGO

    Sweet! Love to see more new players! Good job!
  2. This Or That

    Custom weapons for sure, else it gets boring pretty fast Pvm or PvP?
  3. HERRO

    Welcome buddy! Enjoy your stay! Hope to see you a lot in game!
  4. Lumberjack keep on death

    They are fine IMO, everyone can get them, if players want to risk, then just riskfight mate!
  5. Lumberjack keep on death

    Why should it? "ynot" is not a suggestion really. How would you even lose it? Wilderness castle - magic trees? Wilderness is place to fight, usually, if you want to skill there be ready to fight back (bring all your most valuable items )
  6. Road to Primal set

    Insane dedication! I'll just wait for dungeoneering revamp (hope it will happen :p) When you will get all primal items make sure you let me know, please, I would like to gather information about those. Kind Regards, @Iron Man
  7. Staff feedback

    I saw korasiii did a staff feedback, so I could too :p     [member=Divine Winds] - Really helpful, rarely afking, really active in game, has made detailed guides, amazing guy   [member=Lemmtim] -  Have seen quite a lot in game but haven't talked to you properly yet, sorry [member=Digimon] - Evolved yet? A nice guy, helpful as well as others  [member=Winning] - Have seen quite a lot in game but haven't talked to you properly yet, sorry. Has sense of humor  [member=Willus] - Have seen quite a lot in game but haven't talked to you properly yet, sorry [member=jacktheman] - The legendary dripz's prices, helpful guy :3 [member=Prophet] - Really active in game and on forums, helpful, hosts events, all around a nice guy!   [member=d j] - well, I have seen this guy once meybe, king of inactivity  [member=yajtseeb] - Our new staff member, seems alright, good man to chat with, has an iron man  [member=Rangeallday] - Used to be really active, now little bit less, helpful guy [member=stan] - The real MVP of server, great work, is pretty active in game even, sometimes hosts events    Staff as whole is really helpful, compared to other servers staff groups, love you all! Good job!  :)   I hope I included everyone If I said something bad or haven't said something enough, don't take it personally, I just probably don't know you well enough. :p     Kind Regards, [member=iron man]
  8. Clue scroll guide

    Clue scroll guide To find your needed clue simply use ctrl+f and write the hint of the clue Useful information : How to get spade : Clue scroll rare reward list : HERE 1 - Dig somewhere on middle of barrows