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  1. bo3 pub stomping

    I play zombies if you want, stopped multiplayer long ago. pm me sometime about it!
  2. Imp hunting

    I really find catching imps to be fairly useless. Even for Ironman it’s useless. So hopefully we can make it more useful, for the higher imps at least. For the lower imps I don’t worry about too much. Maybe clue scroll possibly from them. The higher ones though would be nice to see maybe a possible reward or items that are worth to go get. More or less for ironman. Starting with the Dragon Impling : Dragon Dart Tips!! This really could be like 50-100 at a time with like a maybe a 50% chance at getting them. This gives Ironman access to dragon darts. Along with possible a rare chance at 5% at getting Dragon Platelegs Dragon Bolts or Tips 50-100 (1/10) Helm of Neitiznot (1/60) Dragon Scimitar (1/50) Dragon Bones 5-20 (1/10) Clue Scroll (1/50) Ninja Impling : Black Dragonide equipment or noted hides. This wouldn’t have to be too rare but useful with what I have to say at the end of this list. Dragon Dagger (1/75) Rune crossbow (1/25) Amulet of Glory (1/25) Clue Scroll (1/75) Magpie Impling : Mystic equipment. This is also a somewhat nice feature for early ironman. Mystic Robe Top (1/50) Mystic Robe Bottom (1/50) Ancient Staff (1/60) Mages Book (1/200) Clue Scroll (1/100) Kingly Impling : I haven’t been too experienced with these imps or checked too much on them. So suggestions for kingly imp is nice as well. Abyssal Whip (1/100) Dragon Boots (1/50) Amulet of Fury (1/60) Frost Dragon Bones 5-10 (1/10) Clue Scroll (1/15) I feel those are the imps that should be changed, the lower imps are up to you guys. However another reason I include the gear is so that we can stop using Mandrith to buy bolts or the simple welfare gear as an ironman. This could be our way around it and kinda more encouraging to do hunter when you need bolts or dart tips,
  3. Adjustment of Drop Tables

    I'm loving your ideas. Also not sure on the melee shield because i personally find it useless. But the other two are odium (range) and malediction (magic) shields. But i like I agree on TANNED d hides!