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  1. Seening as i am busy as hell, havent been able to find time to play so therefore ill request to be demoted if i already haven't. In the future if i may have time to play, ill come to visit n will stay as long as possible. Thankyou for every1 hard work n effort. N ofc i will still do the lmbox dropparty when we have 100plus player. Just msg me on discord, aight boya and girls have fun
  2. Suggestion list(kinda huge)

    i like most of em if not all great suggestions
  3. Staff feedback

    watttt :[ me 14 but cut 15 hahaa, thanks 4 feedbacks <3
  4. Farewell guys :)

    ;( so sad to see u, come visit us sometime. We are family too (farewell friend o7 *saluted*)
  5. Bank pre-sets DONOR ONLY

    +1, pkers' favorite, pvmers' favorite, babe's favorite
  6. Advertisements are up!!! LEGGO

    Great job boss, keep it coming
  7. [RSPS] RuneWorld - A New Adventure

    +1 great vid bruh, btw i still cant help but laugh when i see the rune pouch lol
  8. Iron Gears' Tournament

    I might as well enter *-* not enough ppl lol Username: Yajtseeb
  9. King of the Hill (pvp event/minigame)

    *thumps UP* +1
  10. New Donation Item - Donator Box!

    i can't wait to get those sexy chicken wings, *cough* i mean those sexy chicken set *cough*+1 sup.er....b *cough*
  11. Iron Gears' Tournament

    Hello guys, exactly how the title said, it is a Tournament, will take place in -Pvp teleport -Safe PvP Arena 2 Weeks from now. (edited there will price for 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th place) You guys will Bring NOTHING, I will supplies the gears and food/pot. I'll show ya what to expect how you guys will gear up and how your inventory will look like. I Will Provided Refill Your Next Battle. I Will take note of whom vs whom, and who won, nor lost. THIS WILL START NEXT FRIDAY ---09/08/17----TIME WILL BE 18:00 SERVER TIME, I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY ENTRIES AFTER---09/07/17--- SO YOU GUYS HAVE ABOUT A WEEK AND A HALF (0 Day Left)(ended). PLEASE ENTER/POST UR USERNAME THAT IS ENTERING UNDER THIS THREAD, IF YOU GUY DON'T I WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT YOU GUYS ON THE LIST , Thankyou Reward List 1st- 2 Billions Coins 2nd-? (surprise)(spoiler- Toxic Blowpipe) 3rd-? (surprise) 4th-Statius pl&body+legs+Ring of Wealth 5th-100m+Ring of Wealth HOW TO ENTER- GEARS- INVENTORY- HOW TOURNAMENT WORK- SETTING AREA- PLAYERS ENTERED(check throughout the day)- RNG MIXED(Click to see who is up against who)- Winners - RULES/IMPORTANTS: 1- No Protections or SoulSplit, BUT Retribution/Smite/Redemption/Warth ARE ALLOWED, if i see anyone using the Protection or SoulSplit during your fight, you will be disqualified 2- You must all follow me to the place, and No Attacking Each Other before we get there. No Running outside of the burnt church Once you and your opponent are in, you guys must fight Inside til one is left standing, if run outside it, u will be instantly disqualified for it, and for attacking each other before getting there. 3- No Summoning npc allowed 4- No Weapons/Armours or Anything in Inventory, EVERYTHING WILL BE PROVIDED, (disqualified upon seen something) 5- No Multi Logs, Only ONE User Per Person 6- Gambling Bidding - As you all know this isn't part my ideas at all because i do not even gamble, but some great legend told me this might be fun for some of you guys. So Here's how it work, You guys will pick which players you guys want to win. You guys either drop 1 of salmon or eat it (2 person at a time,and it doesn't matter about the salmon because ill give u after) than withdraw your money(come to an agreement first with each other) from your money pouch,give to me the middleman, or any other staff that agreed to be the middleman (p.s. they must keep track of the how much they hold). Winners claim their wins from the middleman after the fight is over(as in only that one fight they bid on). 7- how order work before putting into the RNG mixer - simple, first come first server (first to post their username and onward) 8- Odd Numbers of players - of course if the RNG mixer throw u in last place inorder, and your in the odd number(whom you will face noone), get a getaway ticket to the next round ;). HOWEVER, it work different if you are still the one left without anyone to fight in the next round. Than you and all whom successfully made it to round two, will then have a two choice of picks- -1, dices to getaway (closest one to the dice roll's number-*my alt will play the dice*, the round two peoples may either join my alt's clan or believe me or have another staff/+ member in my clan instead to prove.), from there, the closest number guessed will be swap place with the odd number guy. -2, all of the round two people, will get their names in the RNG mixer again n get a whole new list order(of course that mean you all get to fight someone new from round two), whoever get last from that will get the getaway ticket to the next round. And surely that wont happen the third time in a roll.