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  1. Price Guide

    id sell custom phats 30b all day eryday
  2. High value items PoS

    Would it be possible to add a "buy wiith 100m note option" so for example when you click an item to sell in your pos it will ask if you want to sell for coins or 100m notes. An item like divine for example click sell for notes and quanity 100(10b) is what you're selling it for. Cash cant buy it only notes to prevent glitches. Let me know what you think and if its possible to do
  3. Custom skilling pet

    Coding items like this actually take a lot of time. You can donate for a custom pet but I think there should be more focus on more important updates first, not saying I dont like these idea though
  4. Imp hunting

    Great idea +1
  5. Hello RuneWorld

    It use to be against the rules by the same owners so idk why its not but i agree and i have 3 maxed accs max gear

    Make a 50b exp cape too +1
  7. abyssal sire

    no because its siploe
  8. Protect's Indroduction

  9. Should be removed for 2 reaons #1 being the spam in global chat is annoying and #2 its impossible to kill when everyone knows you're attacking it. I understand its supposed to be part of the risk but people should be checking randomly like wyrm not just know when to gear, clan up and rush in and pile you
  10. Korasi buff!

    Full support I've neveer hit anything with it tbh
  11. Item Reservation Event (10 Requirements)

    Looking forward to this except I don't have friends