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  1. Alright Ladies and ... Who am I kidding we're all dudes here. So I've been thinking on a way on how to make the wilderness more active in single zones and multi-zones other than Gano and Wyrm with increasing PVM activity as well so we both get along. Now the Forgotten King was just realeased prior to the Lavatic Armor and 2 op swords. It has now been forgotten and is merely a shitty Custom Boss. ( sorry stan) I want you guys to create a set of 5 pieces, connecting them to dead or barely used monsters. In which this set of 5 pieces, top legs hat gloves and boots or whatever a set would be to you guys. Giving extremely rare .0001% drop ration on the following monsters. The Forgotten King, I mean it would revamp the use for Tokkul and using this monster yet again. Abyssal Sire, It's a single zone so we wouldn't have mass piles on people but tanking to either the teleport or to the ditch would be increasingly hard. The Pheonix, no one rarely does because it's shit. Nex. I have not seen anyone get a drop since I started playing so why not? and the 5th one would be any of the other ones. Now once you create the set of five pieces, you must find the tele spot ( wilderness) and dig into it and be safe after that. But I don't want it to be an easy boss, something more like Cerberus or a multi combat system. ( Zulrah sucks you get 700m a hour and it's easier than my ex gf) Moving on. Now for the boss itself, I was thinking it would drop say 50 - 100 Shards per kill on a 50% chance, I mean that's what you wanted right Stan? for people to really grind for those weapons? But also possibily drop an enhanced ROW, chaotics, Mysterboxes, a one of a kind pet. or even a different pet of different monsters. Nothing that will destroy our ECO even though most basic items that aren't rares are 2b - 10b death cape 80b. Once again this is just a suggestion I thought you guys would be interested in. Give me some feed back.
  2. Team Rebellion's Recruitment Thread

    Let's get this going Kolby. Great team to be apart of!