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  1. Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    I think new teleport destinations would benefit the server because some of them are just reworded teleports that lead to the same spot and some of them are just outright dead content.. We still have the same teleport menu as Simplicity and although this server is 100x better it would be great to get away from having the same content as them. 1. Monsters teleport + slayer ideas. I have many ideas of new monsters that could be added into the game but some of the top ones would be 'Ganodermic Monsters' (non boss) that could be added as a new slayer monster (lvl 90 slayer) and an idea of the drops would be ironman beneficial so herb drops,rune essence, Helm of neitiznot, Black dhide, and other items that are common but good. Also another idea could be a polypore staff drop which could act as a version of the trident but be weaker because this would only require level 90 slayer and it's not a boss. The drop rate could be somewhere around (1/1500 or +.) Another idea i have for monsters is Demonic gorillas but I and a few others have also suggested it so i won't go into detail. A good one to also have would be the 'Brutal Black Dragons' and they could also be a slayer task that requires level 75 slayer. They could have similar drops to the frost dragon but with a 2x dragon bone drop and other drops such as dragon items, visage, dragon kiteshield (1/2500 droprate) and Javelins if Demonic gorillas were ever implemented into the game. Slayer is very boring to me personally in this server so i will list a few monsters that i always had fun fighting on osrs/rs3. Dark beasts (bolts,herbs, Dbow, runes) Aviansie (noted adamant bars, feathers, rune crossbow) Aberrant spectres (could drop noted herbs and runes commonly) Wyverns (visage, wyvern bones (could give 1.5-2x xp rate of dbones) Smoke devils (Could drop occult necklace(best in slot magic 1/1000 droprate. +17 magic bonus) I have a new idea for a mini boss that could also be added as a slayer task. It could be 'Ancient Wyvern' and it could just be a buffed version of OSRS ancient wyverns. Some suggestions for the drops could be an upgraded version of the DFS (1/1000) that could half barrage timer or deflect some of oncoming magic damage pvp/pvm. (just a thought) but an upgraded version of the dfs would be good anyways as there is a lack of shields to use. 2. Minigames teleport The "Safe Pvp Arena" teleport should be relocated to this tab so it can save place in the player-killing teleports. Addition of any other games would become dead content fast unless a custom mini game were to be released. 3. Bosses Frost dragons should be removed as a boss teleport and placed into another category. Also low key bosses such as "slash bash" and "barrelchest area" could be added in as commands such as "::sb" = slash bash and "::barrel" = barrelchest so more bosses could be added in. 'Callisto' should be added into the boss teleport as well as the wilderness level of the bosses. If the other demi bosses were to be added into the game they could also be replaced by these teleports. 4. Bosses 2 I have the same opinion with the low ey bosses such as "Bandos avatar" being replaced with "::Ba" = Bandos avatar so it can be replaced by a more sought after and useful boss. The rest of the boss teleports fit in with me and are very useful. 5. Player killing In the player killing teleport menu the wilderness level should be displayed right under where you are teleporting because some new players might not know where they are going to. Green dragons level 21 Zombie graveyard level 21 Greater demons level 46 Wilderness castle level 14 West dragons level 10 East dragons level 19 (this is the same teleport as green dragons just 3 levels south.) Chaos altar level 13 (this teleport is not used and dead content) The chaos altar teleport could be used more if there was a way that elder chaos druids were added into the game like on OSRS. They would drop elder chaos druid robes that could be best in slot magic gear for pures. Rune rocks level 46 Revenant town - not in the wilderness. Rouges castle level 51 Ice plateau level 48 Safe pvp arena - not in the wilderness. Out of all those teleports i think that East dragons, Chaos altar, and Ice plateau could be replaced by somthing more useful because they are dead content. East Dragons East dragons is useless because the teleport "Green Dragons" leads to the exact same place. This is just an idea but if this was replaced by 'Lava Dragons' and lava dragons were added they could bring more life to the wilderness and it would be a cool place to get drops plus it could be a slayer task. Chaos Altar I've only ever used this teleport maybe a handful of time while playing this wonderful server and it was only for clan battles. I think this would be better suited as a 'Callisto teleport' . Ice Plateau This teleport is useless because of Wilderness agility teleport and rune rocks teleport. A good replacement could be a 'Mage Bank' teleport because i have always wanted to see this in game. Safe pvp arena This teleport always seemed out of place to me as it could fit well in the Minigames teleport and be replaced by something more useful. 6. Dungeons This teleport selection is good and does not need to be replaced by anything but i feel that some dungeons could be added in such as 'Kalphite lair' Can add kalphites as slayer tasks depending on the level of the player getting the task. 'Lighthouse dungeon' could also been another good addition and it could also double up as a new slayer task and if this is added the dk bosses should count as regular daggonoth so it could bring more life to them. I hope you guys like my suggestions and are on the same page as i am
  2. fixes/suggestions.

    I have some bugs that would improve the life of players on Runeworld. They are all simple bugs. + Some suggestions that i would like to see. 1. You can take damage when you teleport away and it can kill you even if you are not near the monster. 2. You can die from a titan if you are just outside of a safezone. (titan bug) 3. You cannot enter kbd lair through wilderness. 4.Altar at ::di does not restore drained stats. 5. If you are crafting items it will keep making them even when clicking away. 6. "Right click" prestige should have a confirmation screen. 7. Daily task sometimes spams very hard. (should be able to toggle on/off) 8. If you note primal weapons they are able to be traded. If this is allowed why can't we also note chaotics and trade them freely? 9. It would be cool to see who bought your items in the POS. 10. Void rushing is common in the wild and is very annoying because of the no risk at all. When you die with void it should become broken like on osrs and cost like 1-5m per peice that you have when you die. Could apply to chaotics/primals and it would be a good money sink in the game. 11. The only way to get imbued rings is pking,ti,mystery boxes so there is a lack of ways to get them. I would like to see a way to imbue them through paying boss point or some other point system. - Berserker ring, Archer ring, Seer's ring, Warrior ring = 75 or so points to imbue. 12. More mini quests should be added in my opinion, I've always loved doing quests so seeing more would be awesome. 13. Add crazy archaeologist and Chaos fanatic with odium ward, malediction ward included. ( if possible ) 14. Revision of the teleport menu would be convenient because some of the teleport are pointless or lead to the same place. 15. Some content in the game is very dead such as some of the bosses and mini games. If some drop tables/rewards were reworked or improved it might bring the community to do them again. I will keep adding stuff if my suggestions/fixes sound good to other people.
  3. Ironman issues.

    This is not a hate thread but ironman on this server to me no fun at all. The ironman on this server is way to easy and you can get most 99s and decent gear in just a few hours of game play. You are still able to "buy" pvp sets from Mandrith and it's outrageous. 'buy', 'ironman' am i right? even though it's not the best gear just t40-70 that's not the point, you should not be able to theive for 10 minutes to buy gear where you can go out bossing directly after. I've played ironman on osrs + rs3 and many servers that blow this one out of the water. Again this is not a hate thread because i know how hard the staff work but i just think it can be updated to make this ironman game play a competition to the best. There should be more monsters/slayer tasks/demi bosses that drop regular items to apply to iron man to make items obtainable. In my opinion i just don't like it because it's to easy. In general rsps are suppose to be easy but this one is just considerably less grindy than others i've played. This will most likely get down voted by people who don't respect the iron man game mode and people who've never played actual osrs iron man and had to grind hundreds/thousands of hours to get to the items you can farm ww with mains and buy from Mandrith.
  4. Farming guide

    life saver. my life is saved.