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  1. Cya boiz

    Hiya Special L0l
  2. It's Been Great

    All The best Lad
  3. Xbox

    World war 2 servers have been pretty crappy so far but other than that the grind begins
  4. Goodbye everyone! good luck in life :)

    All the best in the future lad
  5. abyssal sire

    Don't see why this can't be spoke about around the developers would be a fun thing to grind and barrage does need fixing to.
  6. Goodbye (not farewell tho, hopefully)

    All the best in the future bud
  7. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Nice Mate keep up the good work.
  8. It's been great.

    All the best in the future lad Was good speaking to you good luck with your videos aswell buddy Thank you
  9. Architects - Alpha Omega

    This is a beat
  10. Staff feedback

    Thanks for the feedback bro <3
  11. Farewell guys :)

    Hey Runeworld, its time for me to resign i have had alot of fun with all of you guys and with the staff team it is hard to has been an hard decision for me to make but i have irl stuff to deal with and i haven't been very active for admin standards it has been a long journey for me going through 3 different owners and 3 different names but overall it was a blast and Stan is doing a very good job as being an owner of runeworld and working BTS (Behind the scene) Luka has done great work on the website/Forums and rest of the staff Great job on working with the community you all are Great sports was great working with you all! I'll pop on and speak with all you guys when i can take care everyone!. Dripz Merching God!
  12. This Or That

    Corp (Get me that Ely doe) Juice or sweets
  13. Zhuter's Introduction

    Welcome lad! Hope to see you around in game
  14. ello

    Welcome bud glad you joined!
  15. Bank pre-sets DONOR ONLY

    Would be cool http://prntscr.com/gh3x9q