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  1. Staff Update - 12/10/17

    Well, thanks for the opportunity Hopefully I can stop in and play a bit here and there when I'm not busy with school. Best of luck to the rest of you staff noobs, and congrats to @Dreamgam3r on being promoted!
  2. It's Been Great

    Well boys and girls, this is it. I'm afraid it's time for me to hit the road. I've been a part of this community since February of last year, and I've got to say that my time here has been phenomenal. The staff team has been great at maintaining the server, and the player base is one of the friendliest I've ever come across. I've been on a staff leave since the middle of November due to school, and was hoping to come back around this time, but the work load doesn't seem to be letting up with finals just around the corner. I just need to start prioritizing my future. To all of those I knew while playing, you guys are awesome and are part of the reason I stayed around for so long. For those who are new, despite the fact that we haven't met. I hope you guys find this server as fantastic as I did. I might log in here and there to see how things are going, but I can't say for certain. It's been a good run fellas, cheers. Best to you all
  3. Clan Loot Share

    Loot share already works to some degree to my knowledge. If two people, as an example, kill a boss like Corporeal Beast and loot share is active then they will both get drops. I've done it with friends in the past before becoming SS and it splits the drops roughly in half in that scenario. I'm not sure about more than two, but I would imagine it splitting things evenly in a similar fashion.
  4. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    I'm going to have to agree with @No Donations when it comes to completing the set. Though I'm not entirely sure what the stats/look of the items will or should necessarily be, they would be nice to have in-game. The Lavatic 2H and longsword are in a way an extension of Primal weapons, and so it would make sense to have a bow and staff to extend off of Celestial and Sagittarian. It's true that we're trying to reduce the amount of customs that come into the game, but new Lavatic items aren't too far out of the box in my opinion, considering they're conceptual framework has already been implemented.
  5. Gambling Prob (how to lose bills quickly)

    Despite everything, you did turn out to be pretty chill when we talked (thanks for offering up some new beer for me to try). Hopefully you're not gone for too long mate.
  6. Epok’s Introduction

    Welcome to RuneWorld I always get excited with new forum intros. Hopefully we get the opportunity to chat a bit in-game.
  7. Nice video dude, hope to see some more content from you If I can make a suggestion, try getting as many easy tasks done as you can for crystal keys to use on the chest by ::shops. Great chance to get a whip/25m cash. Got 25m on my HCIM, and was able set off on a decent start for skills like construction/smithing! Might help you out if you haven't done it yet
  8. I did this quite some time ago, but for some reason never got around to posting it. It's nothing crazy, but for those interested in what to expect from Treasure Island, here you go Talking about the loot, it's nothing crazy. I was definitely hoping for something like battle-mage, trickster, vanguard or even 3rd age. But, sadly that isn't always how the RNG roles. All in all I made about 1B. Nothing to complain about because the keys don't take that long to get, but it could have easily been much more. Also, I'm hoping to update the loot from my pet collection soon. However, Lizardman Shaman is being very stubborn -.- So if anyone's interested in some more loot tabs, keep an eye out
  9. Who Dis Account Made: 2017-11-01 Lives: 1 Last Update: November 3rd Bank Loots Skilling Miscellaneous ...nothing crazy yet, but I don't plan on dying easily
  10. Haven't watched your videos up until now, but your content is solid! Keep on uploading whenever you can. If you decide to do a HCIM series I'm sure there will be a lot of hype around it for us who like to watch this sort of stuff "If you want to lose your bank, be sure to head on down to this guy. He's a real O.G." - lol'd at that.
  11. Suomitanks Ckey opening

    Overall I'd say you did alright with those keys Dragon Boots and that 25M drop are both a bit more rare than other drops. If anyone wants to know all of the loot from the crystal chest, they can head on over to this thread Keep up the good work my dude.
  12. highscores for the WELL

    I like this idea as well, and as @quartz mentioned it's something that has been discussed. Personally, I'd also like to see titles come into play with this as well. Something along the lines of this: The Millionaire (500M donated) The Billionaire (5B) Awesome Well Guy (50B) .... Something along those lines, maybe a bit different. Highscores would be pretty nice, but some people also want to be recognized for having donated in general. Plus, titles can be pretty awesome Overall, +1 from me
  13. Great update guys, I'm sure everyone's looking forward to HCIM + the other added content. I know I am This is another big step forward, and once it catches wind I'm sure we'll leave Moparscape behind without too much of an issue.
  14. Hello

    Welcome dude, looking forward to seeing your work
  15. Demonic Gorillas

    Literally was thinking the exact same thing I really like this idea as well. I made a similar suggestion quite a while back. I really hope that this gets added at some point down the road after HCIM.