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  1. I've been busy so not been keeping up with what's going on... love this update!
  2. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    It was other way around. RS was always in seers. I nostalgically remember my first time going to it in about 2004!
  3. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    Falador party room? You mean Seers right? You can already go there with ::dropparty, but yeah we can look into improvements.
  4. 100m not pos?

    This has been considered. There are technical issues, we don't want to add bugs into pos. But will be considered further.
  5. Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    I agree with a lot of these! Thanks
  6. braw gloves to shards

    Sounds like a good idea to me
  7. highscores for the WELL

    This has been discussed and may be added in future. Currently we do not track long term donations. There is however ::checkwell for the current donations.
  8. suomitanks servertour ?

    Thanks for doing the video
  9. Ironman issues.

    Thanks for your feedback
  10. Brilliant update! Hope you all enjoy the thieving changes I made, was quite fun replicating the RS content and giving it a few rsps twists. Ardounge cloak is implemented (possibly only on stalls, I will need to check that) and is about half as rare as the pet.
  11. Great update, looking forward to trying to bots properly
  12. For a while now we have wanted to make the Well of Goodwill more communal, instead of one person filling it up every time. So we have updated it quite a bit: Each player can now donate between 1m and 125m The maximum amount the well can take is 500m It is now tiered: 25% full - 30% xp bonus for everyone 50% full - additional 25% xp bonus for everyone for 1 random skill 75% full - additional 50% xp bonus for everyone for the same skill 100% full - 50% xp bonus for everyone, 100% xp bonus for everyone for the same skill If you donate more than 100m you also get bonus points, it can be one of the following (chosen randomly at time of donation) - boss points, pk points, slayer points, pest control commendations and dung tokens. The ::well command now gives a bit more information Also we have added ::checkwell to show who has donated how much Other bug fixes include: Trivia fix for bandos boss combat level; it's now 624 Getting kills in FFA now counts towards your kill score (but you killstreak is not affected) Global daily task fix, every task should give rewards properly now. PKP bonus for killstreaks hardcapped at 10 Max cape has it's magic att bonus buffed to better match god capes Primal, sagitarian and celestial have received a hidden boost, similar to nex sets. 120 dung cape added to skillcape(t) store Cooking brawlers are now buyable Nex minions, slashbash, TI boss Death and abyssal sire give boss points now Reduced the delay on opening effigies and combining items such as crystal keys Hunter brawlers now give bonus exp in hunter instead of construction Fletching rune bolts is now fixed Superheat spell now gives smithing exp as well Yell is now fixed so that ranks show properly
  13. Wireless mouse Thieving Stalls DZONE

    After a discussion with the staff team we have decided that no this is not allowed. The reason is that we have no way to tell the difference between that and autoclicking, so if we allow it then others will use it as an excuse.
  14. Crashed star suggetions.

    Crashed star is most people's favourite way to train mining, I'm not a fan of nerfing it. Yeah ROW makes sense. I do quite like the monster, but maybe for every 3k or so rather than every 100-200.. that could get quite boring if it is every time you mine.