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  1. Cya boiz

    I'm officially gone now, been on/off for months but now there's pretty much 15-18 online the 9 hours I can play it's time to call it done (that number included 3 dudes on 3 accs each) Most the players I started with have all gone already now anyways, but had fun with y'all. Never hated anyone so if I offended you I'm sorry lmao I'm never serious, fuck hating over the internet. Hope you all have fun in future and I'll be back once the playercount improves, as the server is hella good. HAPPY NEW YEAR BOYS! <3
  2. Cya boiz

    love u
  3. Good job mate
  4. Exorcist's Nex Pet disappered

    Pets do disappear so I hope you get yours back. I've had two difficult boss pets both disappear a while ago which is why I've never been bothered about farming them.
  5. Trusted Rank

    We were discussing this in CC now and King Bodhi told me to forum it so here I am. I think there should be a trusted rank IG where 2/3 players have this rank and have the ability to host gambling of some sort and they'd also be able to MM for players willing to stake in Champs Guild or what not. The problem with gambling ATM is the PID in duel arena and many people getting f&*ked over by it and not wanting to do it anymore, and non-donors can't FP... And I've never seen anyone dice since these cost 1B in gamble store. Certainly not urgent but it'd be a nice addition and I doubt it takes too long to implement Note on trusted rank: Must've played for 6months + Never scammed Traded trils from lost gambles
  6. Lavatic Shard NPC Drop

    Support but maybe a lot more from the bosses, especially as you get 4k shards from getting 1st in the Trivia.
  7. Staff Update - 12/10/17

    Yo G you seem to be missing my promotion? Sad to see Divine go.
  8. Was a good Ride

    love u bb
  9. Skillcape perks + Master capes

    +1 I like the idea of the 120 capes for all skills. I'd also like to see epic looking capes for 2B exp, I've been maxed since June and I have NO motivation whatsoever to make a lot of skills 2b, I feel like a 2b reward will help that. Ofc a 120 cape for more skills than dung adds motivation, but that's only 5% towards max xp.
  10. Prestige Shop rework

    Yeah it'll be nice to have a patch soon with a few shop updates tbh, get them all changed updated in one go
  11. Prestige Shop rework

    Title says it all, it's pretty outdated and shitty in a way. - Nothing is worth prestiging for, except 16 pts for the Santa suit now it's xmas time. Amulet of fury (or) costs 50... YES 50.. points in there and it's about 75m in eco (and 45 vote pts LOL), and most the (i) rings also sell very cheap but cost 20 prestige points. Prestiging is a ball ache and I feel there needs to be more worthy rewards, maybe untradable cosmetics (like santa hat) to complete the santa cosmetic or various other untradable items (that aren't godly). Note - Elegant items & Brawling gloves seem reasonably priced. Note2- Not urgent.
  12. Farwell but I will return!

    GL G
  13. Merge with Arcane RSPS!

    Dope playercount
  14. I ragequit yesterday then you release this now LMAO Nice job stan the man
  15. Still not had a chance to play the new FFA, nice idea tho. Hope I get a chance to actually play it this week
  16. zulrah buff

    I agree. You took a long time to add Zulrah and rn it seems like a waste of time since no one actually kills it anymore +1
  17. Sup all :D

  18. Price Guide

    Some very strange prices in here. Phats are nowhere near 20, they're 6 max. Icons/Sled also worth way more. And Ornate Katana is $150 ish so way more than 10b.
  19. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    Fully agree with this, was going to make this suggestion the other day after checking out Falador looking for the party room. I also feel the current gamble area is a bit 'dark' which would also be improved if moved to Falador party room.
  20. Clan Loot Share

  21. Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

    Trident update
  22. Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

    Wow that map editor has amazed me. Gj boiz