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  1. Our Merge with Gielinor.org

    Looks exciting! Can't wait
  2. Lavatic Shard NPC Drop

    Yes yes yes, 100000x yes!
  3. Advertisements are up!!! LEGGO

    Good work Stan! Awesome to see us growing!
  4. Events due to down-time

    I like the idea with like 2 legendary mboxes for the downtime, or the 2xp for a week sounds good
  5. So, since platinum donor doesn't really give much incentive, I think Platinum+ should get commands to tele right to gwd boss rooms, as they already have no kc required to enter might be a decent incentive for that $250+ donor spot
  6. Johnnyxgat rank

    Primary Rank: Diamond   Secondary Rank(s): Maxed   Proof: https://gyazo.com/72057369156ad5c112d777e033f7c73f