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  1. Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

    brilliant updates the event reward is pretty cewl too!
  2. Epok’s Introduction

    Welcome to the madness
  3. Update 017 - Mopar = Simp ? HALLOWEEN! HCIM :D

    Great work dev team! getting better and better with each update! - the real reason we are growing
  4. Evil kindling shop.

    +1 people always looking for d hatchet, would be like the adze of the mining store! Like the ideas for another way to get seeds and herbs too!
  5. Update 015 - Well of Goodwill and bugfixes

    Great update guys, the well is a welcome change for sure!
  6. It's been great.

    Thanks for supporting the server in every way that you did and being an active player when possible, always nice to have a YouTuber who enjoys playing like you. Best of luck for the future mate!
  7. Barrows Brother

    +1 from me I want a reason to do barrows!
  8. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Thanks man! it looks great, definitely prefer it with highlights but thanks for taking the time to give me 2 examples! would you be able to take the 'best' out? pm me the final version as this post isn't all about me haha but just don't feel it has the same effect as #1 I'm going to sleep now but will pm you tomorrow at some point mate Good job
  9. Good job people, getting better and better with every update
  10. Stafffeedback 18/09/2017

    Thanks for the feedback mate, we have a sound community which just makes everything easier
  11. Staff feedback

    Thanks for the feedback mate, as a new staff member receiving positive feedback only motivates me to continue helping out and do more when I am able to glad to hear you have had a positive experience with the team.
  12. Amazing development work, the effort the boys put in is incredible and Stan, bless him working through the night as usual.. it's been a long list of suggestions/improvements and I believe we hit a great deal of those in this HUGE update! Having said this, because of its size there will be some bugs that simply wouldn't be found without the community testing it out! So please be patient with the team when dealing with these.. Other than that, enjoy the fresh content! Hope to experience it all with you guys shortly
  13. Zhuter's Introduction

    Welcome! Look forward to your videos!
  14. Advertisements are up!!! LEGGO

    Great work! Ready to watch us grow a lot more, with exciting updates coming up very soon!