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  1. Hey guys, Sorry for the long interval between this and the previous update. I have been really busy lately trying to get some more funds together. Another point of concern, there is currently someone actively hacking accounts. I got word this was due to a database breach from the original simplicity player files and perhaps a combination of databases of various other servers. We take this very seriously and I am trying to obtain a version of the leaked files so I can figure out what accounts are vulnerable. As an extra layer of security, I have now added google authenticator as optional two-factor authentication. If you have any issues after activating the authenticator, please leave a reply in our discord/chatbox so you can be helped immediately. New home area (without objects): Other patches: Combat Instancing Fixed skotizo instance Fixed KBD instance Multi Fixed skotizo Fixed KBD Skilling Herblore Fixed XP rates of poting making (rates are now its normal rate multiplied by 80) Extreme attack, ranged, defence, strength Overload Woodcutting Resource area / rogues castle noted logs now counts towards your achievements Mining Dragon pickaxe Double ore gains now counts towards your achievements Misc Resource Area Added rocktail fishing spot Fixed noted resources Fixed furnace Fixed anvil Fixed the glitchy hedges at camelot/herblore teleport Double vote points day now actually gives double vote points Prayer teleport now teleports you near the altar. Access by clicking the prayer skill icon
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  3. Hey guys, Today's update: Combat Ice Barrage Orb hits will now only apply after a successful freeze landing. Item Purple Slayer Helmet Use dark claw on Full slayer helmet Area Added resource area NPC Fixed KBD Instance Fixed Treasure Island safe spot Fixed Chaos Elemental safe spot Added specific drop announcements Wildywyrm Ganodermic Beast Revamped Skotizo Official Area Revamped combat Added Dark Claw to drop
  4. Arcane players, continue right where you left off: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbky9oqww8ixrp6/launcher.jar?dl=0 To RuneWorld players I was contacted a couple of days ago with a request by Matt if I could help him out, Arcane was experiencing a series of DDOS attacks. The host was incapable of protecting his clients from the attacks so I offered to temporarily host Arcane on a spare dedicated server I had left. Unfortunately, Matt discovered that his partner was hiding donations that were coming in. When his partner found out that Matt knew about his actions, he Ip banned both matt and some of the staff that were on his side. Now his partner decided to redirect the client to a new server because he doesn't have access to the source nor the player files. He doesn't have access because they are on my dedicated server which he doesn't have the credentials for. The source they're using is the same one that we originally started with. This is what made me think of merging their player base directly into our economy, the server is relatively young so it wouldn't hurt our established economy. It would be like 40 old players logging back into their week-old account. I did a careful scan of the player files to see how much it would affect our economy exactly so I am not pulling this out of the hat. To Arcane players Welcome to RuneWorld, some of you are familiar with us already. To those who are not, we're basically the same as Arcane (base-wise) but we're much more at the same time. We have fully working zulrah, ganodermic beast, forgotten king (Custom boss), lavatic items (cool weapons with lava texture), champions guild (awesome FFA minigame!), we have artificially intelligent pk bots (coming out real soon) and so much more. You will keep your account, thus you start in RuneWorld exactly where you left off in Arcane. if you already played RuneWorld before and use the same username as you do on Arcane, please pm me as it will probably be overridden. You might have some questions considering this decision. Why doesn't Matt start the server on his own and find a new developer? His partner has full control over the domain name and the website. Matt would have to rebrand the server, get new hosting, a new developer, new web hosting, new graphics, new top-list entries and this would be an extremely timely task. Also, we cannot be sure if his partner put any backdoors in the source that he could exploit. Going for a merge with RuneWorld is the best option to keep the community intact and let it grow at the same time. To Arcane staff Staff members from arcane will be demoted, this is because our server has an established staff team already. Of course being a staff member on arcane increases your odds for getting considered a staff position RuneWorld by some degree. I hope the old staff will respect our decision on this and not feel demotivated by it in any way.
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  8. Hey guys, First of all, I want to apologize for the inconvenience regarding the outdated client notification. For some reason, dropbox messed up the links that the launcher depends upon for updating everyone's client and cache files. I had a chat with 2 live support agents which ended with them initiating another long and painful email sequence. Waiting 3 business days for a reply I decided to reconfigure our links to a business account in dropbox that will be able to sustain the traffic (I am assuming this is why they messed up my links.) Smart marketing that's for sure. I also updated the launcher code a bit which should make it more stable on different platforms. New launcher: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rydbkwo3njmpjza/launcher.jar?dl=0 Updates: Website: Implemented a new voting system http://runeworld.org/vote We're looking for community feedback on how to improve (and balance) the rewards. Implemented a new high score system http://www.runeworld.org/highscores Game: Voting Added random chance for mystery box back Made votes count towards achievements Items Fixed godhide chaps (was not wearable before) Fixed fire cape model (was 3rd age before :P) Rainbow Partyhat Combine red, white, blue, yellow, purple, green party hats. Not tradeable Not sellable Champions guild Fixed more than 2 players being able to get gear Fixed the ammunition slot only having 1 of the ammunition type Increased minimum players to 4
  9. Hey guys, For todays update we'll introduce something that has been demanded for a long time now. Champion's Guild What is this? The champion's guild will basically be a revised and rewritten Free For All event. However, now player can initiate the event themselves. In order to participate, you must pay an entry price of 20 million coins. The winner's reward will be equal to the sum of all the paid entries. There is a minimum amount of players that have to be in the lobby before the game starts. It functions similar to other minigames such as Pest Control. Where can I find this? Open teleport menu ( 'T' icon right of the word map icon) Select 'Minigames' tab Click Champion's Guild Bank You cannot take any items with you (except for coins.) Trapdoor Enter the trapdoor Leave area Enter game Vote for your preferred game type Leave game Other fixes: Objects Created a trapdoor system and a general interaction system (will be nice for future content) Minigames Created a mini games system Champions Guild is the first product of this, more to come. Combat Fixed multi combat NPC aggressions Further improved certain combat calculations Fixed freezing now takes into account an accuracy roll (this to decrease the odds of continuously being frozen) Prayer Fixed issues with deactivating prayers (icon's messing up)
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  11. Hey guys, Sorry for the long time interval between updates at the moment. We're in the process of refining the entire streamline of operations that an update goes through. Our focus currently lies in improving the testing aspect. @Rangealldayii is promoted to beta manager, this position entails the supervising and managing of the beta team. This way, testers can shine a light on issues for the development team. Which saves a lot of time. I have started some heavy rewrites in the server's core, this will allow the development team to do some really amazing things. We're going to be hosting a huge community event soon as well, which we will advertise on a big scale. I am not going to say too much about it yet but the AI's will be involved. Oo and we will hand out a nice prize to the winner. Oh, and the Halloween event is extended for obvious reasons:s, sorry about that. I hope the reward will make up for it though Update log: FFA Auto disabled overhead prayers in FFA matches. PVM Donator Zone Made it a non-aggressive area. We're open for more ideas on how to improve this. Corrected Forgotten King clue drops. Increased attack range of Skotizo to fix a safe spot IronMan Added Stardust store to available shops. Skilling Smithing Smithing bolts now give XP. Thieving Patched bug of pets being registered as guards and attacking you. Items Cooking brawlers Added a value so players can purchase them. Lavatic 1h sword Added special attack Made store sell value 2147m (for items on death priority purposes) Trident of the seas Made it possible to cast other spells than the staff-bound spell. Also added end graphics to the spell Objects Revenant town portal Added walkthrough animation Added missing pass requirements for the portal. Cannot pass while frozen as the player is supposed to walk through it. Staff Staff rank no longer negates potential donor benefits. In terms of XP In terms of double drops Regards, the team
  12. Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

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  13. Hey guys, First of all, once again, sorry for the big delays. I hope you will enjoy the next event's stage. You can continue it by speaking to Gabriel. Prepare to open your mind and follow the bats! Fixes: Patched Nex armor HP bug Fixed various Icons that got messed up after update 018 Donator icons Youtuber icon Clan Chat You can now dismantle items bought from the dismantle shop for a 15% fee (paid in shards.) Changed food delay timer from 1300 to 1100 milliseconds Combat Started porting over a better combat system Patched up various aspects of our combat system Formula's now more accurately represent RS Another thing I wanted to mention, we now have a fully functional map editor. (I am not too good with it though :p) We will use this to realize and improve upon some very cool ideas uttered in the past. More on this will be posted soon, stay tuned! Regards, Stan
  14. Hey guys, So today's update will be a little short. The next event clue will be available later today, actually, we will release two clues later today. I was aiming for one clue a day. However, due to some complications we experienced. I was forced to suddenly shift focus on other things. I hope you guys won't mind too much for the additional delay. I have reworked our icon system and added a new and more efficient way of dealing with sprites in general. We'll be slowly transitioning over the old sprite system to the new one, which will decrease the client's memory usage by a substantial amount. I added multi-icon support, so you can now have multiple icons. Eg: Icons now show up correctly in: Private messages Clan chat iron man Still adding the rank icons for this Public chat Yell Also, Dungeeoneering has been added to the Hardcore Ironman safe zone list. Thereby, issues with selecting the regular and Ultimate Ironman game mode have been fixed. Regards, The development team.