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  1. ~A Introduction

    Nice to see a new face! Hope to see you around roaming the server.
  2. 100m not pos?

    However not needed, I find this to be a really nice idea. I could see it perhaps becoming an option in the future. You can already sell items above max cash stack value, and when you claim the earnings, they move directly to your money pouch.
  3. Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    Really thought out and detailed explanation of some great ideas. I find a lot of the current teleports are pretty much useless or lead to nothing. Could always add things to the location, or just change the location itself. Thanks for putting the time into this, man. I think I'll personally save this and bring it back up next time when we're discussing ideas with everyone.
  4. Great little update. I love how the emblems show up now. I personally don't mind waiting on that event, you've been super busy with tweaking HCIM for awhile now, which is looking AMAZING so far. Thanks for the hard work on every thing, Stan. Don't work yourself too hard, my guy.
  5. Xbox

    Ayy, drop me an add my dude. Mah Tater
  6. Hello

    Great to see a new face. Glad to have you here with us
  7. It's been great.

    Farewell, Floppy. Your videos are great and helped us out a lot! Thanks for that. Hope to see you come back sometime and visit.
  8. Pet's shop

    Well of course, but we could make the more common pets like the beaver or rock golem less points. And the more rare pets like Rift Guardian and Corp a hefty amount more. It'd be tricky to really set the point system for them, and may need fluctuation every now and then, but y'know.
  9. Pet's shop

    I read this and immediately thought of a "pet adoption store". Where you can donate your extra pets for points and have them sit in there for someone else to come by and "adopt" them for however many points. There won't be EVERY pet in there, it should work like the general store kinda. The only pets in there will be pets players have donated. This could also lead into some sort of "pet accessory" shop where you can have customized pets perhaps. Like change the color of your Rift Guardian or Zulrah or something.
  10. Barrows Brother

    I really like this. Barrows is more or less a dead minigame as it is now, and adding more potential drops and end-game gear would definitely make it more worth while to many players. Especially if the item requires so many different individual drops which are each just a chance drop. It'll encourage the grind even more. +1 from me.

    It's funny how white/black flowers show up 3 or 4 times on an incredibly high pot lol. But I really love your videos, man. Keep them comin'!
  12. Staff feedback

    Thanks for your thoughts! Everything is really appreciated.
  13. That's a lot of BIG updates and content, Stan! The work you guys put into the server really shows. Keep pumping out the work and we'll hit it big in no time!