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    Dear RuneWorld community, With all the updates happening around and new content being provided we have thought of something new to spice up the Donation box ! We introduce 4 new items into RuneWorld ! Stats as a Chaotic Longsword but a very special effect upon equipping ! Your droprate will be increased by 2% ( will stack on RoW ). Combined with the Angel Sword, the Off hand will give another 1% drop rate chance increase. Stats as an Chaotic longsword but a very special effect upon equipping ! Your damage dealt will be increased by 2% Combined with the Devils Sword, the Off hand will give another 1% damage boost. How to obtain these epic weapons ? They are only obtainable trough the Donation box as a Legendary reward. Who will be the first one to obtain one of the weapons ?! It's just a matter of time !!
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    Stafffeedback 18/09/2017

    @Stan I know you for while. You as developer is what I can describe in one word, lovely. I have huge respect for your efforts to get things fixed and they get eventually fixed by you or by Quartz. (go sleep on normal times .-.) @zeven We do know eachother for a while, I think nearly 2 years? We had some ups and downs and still here we are. I've experienced/seen a lot of your work. Looking forward to see your thing here too which you're already doing. Generally, you're friendly, amazing person. Also you are the person who we can talk about personal shit. I love you Zeven, it'll never end. @Luka I personally don't know you, or seen you talking bit just some heys and byes. I would love to see from you more being close to the community which means, hop sometimes on discord voice and say hey, how are we etc. Doesn't need to take a lot of effort, it does mean a lot to some players/community. And as developer you're doing great. The updates are lovely. Looking forward to see more activity with the community and ofcourse the updates too @quartz Your work for Runeworld are still/will be always successful. I want to thank you for your lovely work you've done for Runeworld. I'm enjoying each of them, and most of us are enjoying it too. @Solution You just joined the Developer team. I'm looking forward for your projects. This side I won't judge. As normal player you do know a lot about RuneWorld. You are friendly, calm. I love that, thank you for being friendly @Prophet Same story as Luka about community side. But I've seen you few times. You got sense of humor, friendly. That's what I've noticed so far. @Potentials We know eachother for a long time, I know your previous work with wiki managing. You've been successful with managing a wiki editor(s) team. Also done this text color into pink is due your rank, and the color pink stands for love/girlish, Pottie I love you, looking forward to see another period different server, wiki editor(s) team with you as manager. Keep it up. @Willus I do not know you really good, but I've seen your activity is coming back. I'm glad to see you more often. Looking forward to get you know better. I can't give my honestly personal opinion, but what I've heard from the community and few friends. You're amazing person and doing good. @Divine winds Robin hood, Batman's sidechick. What can I tell about you? To start with is, I will never understand the relation between you and few members of TR. Why? Because you're amazing person, I don't see anything wrong with you. We've even talked for a while and we got to know eachother little bit. And the day after we kept talking about random things. Looking forward to be besties with you(that's what we call in The Netherlands as "best friends"). And that cute staff side of you, none abusive commands or anything. You're doing you job perfectly. Keep it up! @Rangeallday Mageallday/Meleeallday, first off, you are doing great, friendly overall. You're willing to stay close with the community which is good actually it's more than good. We havn't talked personally or to get know eachother. I would love to see from you to step up and experience entire new staff position as Administrator. Btw, don't make me spam next time filling numerous attempts of guessing your birth city .-. @Lemmtim You are friendly, matured staff member, helpful. Keep it up man! Everytime if I go to DI/Dzone, I just see you there and fishing rocktails way to 2b which is insane but also huge respect for not giving up. @Digimon Digimon or should I call you ditto? Because your name sounds more like a Ditto Back to the topic, I don't really know you. Kinda same story with Luka. I would like to see more communication with the community. I can't give a personal feedback on you. Sorry @Master cut22 Also same story with Luka/Digimon. I'm so sorry for not being able to give personal feedback. But I can tell you this, you're being helpful and friendly @yajtseeb Slaughtered you few times during hp event that's what I 100% know about. You're friendly,helpful. And a better grinder than @Divine winds with dungeoneering. Looking forward get to know you better I can also make this entire feedback into few words, Lovely, respectable staffteam! (If I missed any staff members let me know)
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    Black Friday Sale !

    Dear RuneWorld community, It's Black Friday weekend and of course we will be putting up a discount for you all ! Please use the coupon code : blackfriday You'll get 30% discount on ANY purchase in the shop ! This will be available until sunday 21:00 GMT+1.
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    Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

    Hey guys, Sorry for the long time interval between updates at the moment. We're in the process of refining the entire streamline of operations that an update goes through. Our focus currently lies in improving the testing aspect. @Rangealldayii is promoted to beta manager, this position entails the supervising and managing of the beta team. This way, testers can shine a light on issues for the development team. Which saves a lot of time. I have started some heavy rewrites in the server's core, this will allow the development team to do some really amazing things. We're going to be hosting a huge community event soon as well, which we will advertise on a big scale. I am not going to say too much about it yet but the AI's will be involved. Oo and we will hand out a nice prize to the winner. Oh, and the Halloween event is extended for obvious reasons:s, sorry about that. I hope the reward will make up for it though Update log: FFA Auto disabled overhead prayers in FFA matches. PVM Donator Zone Made it a non-aggressive area. We're open for more ideas on how to improve this. Corrected Forgotten King clue drops. Increased attack range of Skotizo to fix a safe spot IronMan Added Stardust store to available shops. Skilling Smithing Smithing bolts now give XP. Thieving Patched bug of pets being registered as guards and attacking you. Items Cooking brawlers Added a value so players can purchase them. Lavatic 1h sword Added special attack Made store sell value 2147m (for items on death priority purposes) Trident of the seas Made it possible to cast other spells than the staff-bound spell. Also added end graphics to the spell Objects Revenant town portal Added walkthrough animation Added missing pass requirements for the portal. Cannot pass while frozen as the player is supposed to walk through it. Staff Staff rank no longer negates potential donor benefits. In terms of XP In terms of double drops Regards, the team
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    Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

    Hey guys, First of all, once again, sorry for the big delays. I hope you will enjoy the next event's stage. You can continue it by speaking to Gabriel. Prepare to open your mind and follow the bats! Fixes: Patched Nex armor HP bug Fixed various Icons that got messed up after update 018 Donator icons Youtuber icon Clan Chat You can now dismantle items bought from the dismantle shop for a 15% fee (paid in shards.) Changed food delay timer from 1300 to 1100 milliseconds Combat Started porting over a better combat system Patched up various aspects of our combat system Formula's now more accurately represent RS Another thing I wanted to mention, we now have a fully functional map editor. (I am not too good with it though :p) We will use this to realize and improve upon some very cool ideas uttered in the past. More on this will be posted soon, stay tuned! Regards, Stan
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    bonesaw l

    Demonic Gorillas

    http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Heavy_ballista http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Demonic_Gorilla Hello, I made a old suggestion awhile back I have no clue what happened to it. So, I am going to suggest this again. I would love to see Demonic Gorillas added to the game. They would bring such a good expansion of items to the game. Including Zenyte Jewelry , Light Frame Ballista , Heavy Ballista. You probably could even make a pet. I would suggest doing the drops as pieces to craft the ballista since this weapon is kind of strong. I linked a good source of the gorilla and its drops, stats, and drop rates. If you need me to help make this happen I will even go into each items stats for you. Please leave all opinions on here you will not hurt my feelings. Thanks Bonesaw L
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    Miscellaneous Loottable

    To find items easier use "CTRL+F" and type your item name(Don't forget to open the spoiler) Common Uncommon Rare MEGA_RARE Common Uncommon Rare Legendary Rare Common Uncommon Rare Rewards Basic (You always get one of following table) Low rewards (You always get two out of this table) Medium rewards (Your 4th item works as a dicebag, it'll roll to get chance for medium rare, rate is 1:3) Rare rewards (Your 5th item works as a dicebag, it'll roll to get chance for a rare, rate is 1:10) Loots You always get 50k-150k coins at every key opening+a chance out of following table More to come soon!
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    Friendly reminder (Wilderness)

    Before we're going on this topic. First thought from most of you might be, that i'm teaming/friended with Siploe/X/Hallix and I'm 100% with them and 100% against pvmers in wilderness. No I'm not, I want this small one point get cleared up to avoid discussions in future. It's starting to become a habit which we don't want to have in future. Lets start, Quick answer, if you're searching for one simple question as, Do I lose items in wilderness? Yes, you do LOSE items to monsters(can be picked up) and by players! What is Wilderness exactly? The Wilderness, sometimes referred to as Wildy or Wild, is a large and dangerous wasteland. The Wilderness ranges from level 1 up to level 56. There is one main reason for players to refuse to enter the Wilderness: fear of death. A player can be killed very quickly in the Wilderness in many ways, 1. Player can be killed by other players - Known as player killing, the level of players that can attack you increases as you go deeper into the Wilderness, so a person can be killed by a player whose Combat level is much higher than their own. 2. Afraid of losing certain items they like to keep. When can someone attack you? Any player within a particular level range of your Combat level can be attacked in the Wilderness. The range is calculated by taking your Combat level and adding or subtracting the current Wilderness level you are in. For example, in level 1 Wilderness, a player who is level 100 can attack players who are level 99, level 101 or the same level. If a player is level 100 is in level 24 Wilderness, they can attack players between level 76 and level 124 Combat. Why do they pk you? 1. Many players engage in player killing throughout the Wilderness to obtain valuables. When they kill a player, they will get all or nearly all of the items that the player was holding. Then, the player killer takes the dropped items and does whatever he or she may wish to do with them. This includes selling them for money. 2. Players will gain Player kill points(PKP) when the victim is dead. Pkp can be used at Home(edgeville), north talk to a npc named Mandrith. 3. Playerkillers are mostly enjoying of killing players. When can I teleport? Teleports will not work above level 20, except for Wilderness Obelisk(s) However, the Teleport Block spell will prevent using nearly any means of teleportation for five minutes. There is 5 different Wilderness Obelisk(s) Map is in the spoiler. How can I protect my items? Upon dying in the Wilderness, be it to player or monster, the victim will keep up to three (3) itemsunless the Protect Item prayer is active, which will allow him/her to keep one more item, thus four (4) items are kept. However, if the player is skulled, which is done by attacking someone who did not attack you, they will lose all items unless Protect Item is activated allowing only one (1) item to be kept upon death. Untradeable items are always kept on death(if not, please report it to staff and we'll look into). And items like Agility tickets will be lost on death. Resource(s):
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    Hey guys, First of all, I want to apologize for the recent issues we have been experiencing with our host. We were forced to switch from web-host as the previous one threatened to suspend us. All is cool now, this update will re-enable all database related systems (donations, highscores etc..) again. Some more housekeeping, as I mentioned above, @Luka has worked on a custom voting system. We will soon update the voting page with more vote links. After voting, you will be given a key. You can claim your reward by doing '::redeemauth <authkey>' in-game. (This system will be up and running asap. Server Fixes Daily tasks Fixed the rune-crafting one not giving a reward. Skills Changed max level from dungeoneering to 120. FFA Fixed weapon animation not resetting after moving out of an FFA event. The person who kills one now gets the regen instead of the one dealing most damage. Gambling Fixed planting on top of another plan overriding the color. Fixed superheat items. Added a command to remove spawned NPCs. Added magic coin orb to boss points shop costs 300 boss points works like Bonecrusher but than for coins instead of bones (coin drops go to money pouch.) (more will be added later, really sleepy atm) Misc Dragonkin lamps have been removed from the trivia store The bosses on treasure island give boss points now You need to be combat for 10 seconds before being able to logout (previously 5) Obsidian armour now has correct stats Primal gauntlets have received a buff, and are now superior to barrows gloves You will now receive additional PKP on the 5th, 10th, 15th etc. kill-streak Dagannoth kings respawn timer lowered further to 20 seconds Primal armour has been made tradeable again Also, I know lately things haven't been on speed. I was very busy with some IRL stuff, this is now behind me and I will be able to fully dedicate my time to the server. So expect a lot to come regards, Stan (and the entire team ofc)
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    What is up guys! First of all, we hit 85 player last Friday which was again celebrated by a hp event. I want to thank you all who stuck by us in tough times and I welcome all the new members to our community. I would say we're on a distinguished road to the top. Oh ye, todays update will be a a juicy one We got a rewritten SQL system, this will mean all of our automatic systems will be back up. Auto donation claiming Highscores Voting You can now dismantle a set of items into shards. The items able for dismantling shall be updated frequently. The shards can be used to buy items in the dismantle shop and also will be used in an upcoming update for smithing a new custom armour set. Talk to Boromir at home to acquire more information. We have now added daily tasks to runeworld. Complete your daily task to receive an Mystery box, dragonkin lamp and 1 daily task point. Types PVM SKILLING 1 out of 3 chance of receiving double boss points Costs 5k tokkul to enter the instance Zulrah increased the respawn timer ( 4 times slower than the current one) Ganodermic Beast Nerfed max hit from 550 to 380 (with the multiplier obviously.) Removed ability to skull players Removed revenant dark beast at rev town entrance Added rift guardian as rune crafting store NPC Giant mole has been relocated Teleport Pendant This will be a new item that you can use to save your position in the map and teleport back to it at ease. Fixed elite void effect Added claim-x to 100m notes New obtainables Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Body Obsidian Legs Bonus adjustments Serpentine Helmet now has extra Ranged bonus Tanzanite Helmet now has extra Magic bonus Magma Helmet now has extra Strength bonus Home Relocated crystal chest (now is near the edge dungeon entrance, next to the yew trees) Achievements Upon completion the player will always receive a key. Commands fixed ::discord added ::$benefits opens donator benefits page added ::shops Short cut to the area in home where all shops have been relocated. Shops Vote store Added rune pouches Herblore store Added red spiders eggs Drops Improved treasure island drop rate Keys are now a normal drop Smithing you can now smith bolts (unf) MEDIA Big shoutout to @Luka, @quartz and the entire staff team for helping us realise this. We're moving in the right direction. Regards, Stan.
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    Like/Comment on the video itself! Helps me out a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCLQt-_hzCE
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    Suggestion list(kinda huge)

    Sorry for really huge list, that's why I'm using spoilers. Thank you for reading, all suggestions/ideas can be adjusted. Feedback/ideas is always welcome! Small Spoiler Guide if you want to open a spoiler, you click in the red square I've drawed picture below special for you. Then you should get this; If you want to close it, you click in red square again, then you should get this; - - - - 1. Skillcape(99capes) Perks 2. MasterCape(1b exp+task each skill) Perks (Picture in media) 3. Max cape version of each cape.(2b exp, harder task each skill) Perks (picture in media) 4. Comp, max cape will take all their perks. 5. Wilderness Key 6. Bloodlust 7. PoS search results. 8. PoS buying/selling history including the price sold/bought. Name says it all. 9. Looting bag 10.black baby dragon pet. 11. Hunter pet (Baby chinchompa) 12. Agility pet (Giant Squirrel) 13. Runecrafting pets (Rift guardians) 14. Mining pet (Rock Golem) 15. Farming pet (Tangleroot) 16. Zulrah pet forms 17. Hardcore Ironman Name says it all. 18. Dragon Multitool 19.Ability to use 10-1000$ scrolls on another accounts. 20. Weekly/monthly clan war events/tourny 21. Clue scroll tiers/tasks. You cannot start max tier without completing master tier. So you'll have a extra area with tasks, most likely under achievements at the bottom. Example, I have 1b exp in cooking. That means I can master my cooking with task then I can buy/equip Cooking Mastercape(gains the master tier's perks) and work my way out to Max tier. Whats reward all of this? You'll gain certain perk. In this case is not buring food which is already from skillcape. You'll need to complete all master tier tasks/1b exp each skill in order to upgrade your comp/max cape into master tier. Then ofcourse Max tier finished and turnt into Max tier. Small note, the tasks might look extremely hard. It's just to give an idea. It all can be adjusted by the devs/community. Master Tier/Mastercape(skill) Max Tier/Maxcape (skill)
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    Hardcore Iron Man !

    Dear RuneWorld community, This is the moment so many of you have been waiting on ! We are proudly introducing you to the new mode, Hardcore Iron Man. Here is the explanation of the mode. You start out with 1 LIFE. This life will be lost if you die outside a safe zone. Safe zones: *Duel Arena *Fight Caves *Pest Control *FFA *Dungeoneering You can obtain additional lives . 1 LIFE is obtained by reaching 1600 total LvL & another one at 2000 total LvL. If you wait with claiming your "1600 total LvL LIVE" until you reached 2000, you get 1 extra additional LIVE on top of the 2. That means, you end up with 4 lives in total. Special PERKS of a Hardcore Iron Man : 25% additional Drop rate boost. A special crown designed for HCM. We also have a Hardcore Ironman Score board. That is like a highscore that shows a list with Harcore Iron man accounts and their play time. Keep in mind, you won't get play time if you become IDLE so you HAVE to play and actually be active In-Game in order to stay on the list. What if I die and lose my last live ? You become a normal Iron man and will lose the 25% drop rate boost. You'll be stripped of the Hardcore iron man crown. What if I die in a safe zone ? You will NOT lose your live.
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    Hunger Games under construction !

    Dear RuneWorld community, With all the updates around us we have been working on a big Mini-Game behind the scenes. A few players & Staff members have been helping us with the content. What is Hunger Games going to be ? Hunger games is a Mini Game with you starting off in a "circle" with 5 - 10 other players. You then have 5 - 10 minutes to scatter the "map" for treasure chests. Those chests have up to 3 items in them. The goal is to get yourself geared up as fast as possible and ofcourse, as powerfull as possible. When the time is over you'll be teleported to a smaller area where you then have to fight each other. Last man stands wins ! The game will be rewarding Hunger Games points that unlock unique features and perks.
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    Advertisements are up!!! LEGGO

    Hey guys, It's finally here, we have got ourself an amazing new banner: As you might have noticed we have grown a lot over the past 2 days, peaking today at 76 players! This is mainly due to the arrival of several youtubers and of interpersonal referencing. And it has booked a lot of success! However, now is the time to accelerate our growth even more, I bought 7 advertisement spots so far: http://boostbot.org/forums/index.php One in the header (visibility = 40%) One in the footer (visibility = 40%) https://www.rsps-page.com/ One in the voting page (visibility = 50%) One in the header (visibility = 30%) https://www.rspserver.com/ One in the header (visibility = 43%) https://www.moparscape.org/top-rsps/ One in various top-list sponsor spots (visibility = 55%) http://planetsgold.com/ Complete package of ad spots (visibility = 97%) I plan on monitoring these for several days/weeks to see which ones are most beneficial to us. Once more funds start rolling in, we'll be expanding this strategy and hope to acquire the most adequate advertisement spots. Once again, thanks for standing by guys. Welcome to all new players and welcome back to all returning Regards, Stan
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    For a while now we have wanted to make the Well of Goodwill more communal, instead of one person filling it up every time. So we have updated it quite a bit: Each player can now donate between 1m and 125m The maximum amount the well can take is 500m It is now tiered: 25% full - 30% xp bonus for everyone 50% full - additional 25% xp bonus for everyone for 1 random skill 75% full - additional 50% xp bonus for everyone for the same skill 100% full - 50% xp bonus for everyone, 100% xp bonus for everyone for the same skill If you donate more than 100m you also get bonus points, it can be one of the following (chosen randomly at time of donation) - boss points, pk points, slayer points, pest control commendations and dung tokens. The ::well command now gives a bit more information Also we have added ::checkwell to show who has donated how much Other bug fixes include: Trivia fix for bandos boss combat level; it's now 624 Getting kills in FFA now counts towards your kill score (but you killstreak is not affected) Global daily task fix, every task should give rewards properly now. PKP bonus for killstreaks hardcapped at 10 Max cape has it's magic att bonus buffed to better match god capes Primal, sagitarian and celestial have received a hidden boost, similar to nex sets. 120 dung cape added to skillcape(t) store Cooking brawlers are now buyable Nex minions, slashbash, TI boss Death and abyssal sire give boss points now Reduced the delay on opening effigies and combining items such as crystal keys Hunter brawlers now give bonus exp in hunter instead of construction Fletching rune bolts is now fixed Superheat spell now gives smithing exp as well Yell is now fixed so that ranks show properly
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    The time has come... Sorry for this postponed update, we ran into a set of issues that were too severe to be left in. First some housekeeping things. As you might (not) have noticed, our host experienced some issues on Monday. The issues seem to be resolved now. Unfortunately, I am still oblivious to the exact cause which bugs me relentlessly. We shall take a more profound look at the logs to see what went down that day, thus probably more on that in the next update thread. Another thing, we will be releasing an experimental client sometime this weekend. This allows us to deliver content currently impossible due to technical limitations in the client. However, not till we are confident this client is correctly configured, it will remain optional. We are publicly releasing it in the hope that you all help us address (and thus fix) potential bugs. Anyways, enough housekeeping. Let's talk business now. Server updates Lava smithing Smelt your lavatic shards into bars by using them on Gollum at the dismantle volcano. 1 bar costs 1 million shards You can smith these bars into new high tier items. Lavatic sword Lavatic 2h sword Lavatic shield The texture on both the swords and shield are animated like the fire cape Combat Dagannoth kings respawn timers have been reduced from 2 minutes down to 40 seconds. Fixed double NPC spawning in the old instancing system Fixed invisible NPC bugs with the forgotten king Nerfed ganodermic beast Lowered max hit Made him care for overhead prayers Boss tasks (summona - lvl 92 slayer master) Added Zulrah Added Skotizo Skilling Skilling pets Each pet gives 10% exp in their respective skill Runecrafting robes now reward bonus xp Each piece gives 10% bonus experience, multiplicative, with the full set giving an additional 10%. (comes down to 60% bonus when wearing the full set) (1/13k chance of recieving a random piece, 4 pieces total) Enabled noted rocktail cooking on fire and range at rouges castle Enabled noted rune smithing at rouges castle. You can use noted rune bars. Any items you make (including using non-noted bars) will be noted Miscellaneous The daily tasks for burning and cutting logs have been succesfully seperated (burning no longer counts for chopping and vice versa) Minor typo changes (tutorial and ::commands) Celestial boots are now wearable. Fixed health regeneration while wearing nex sets with Saradomin brews Blood spells Soulsplit Fixed crashed star location message Catherby -> Falador farming spot Fixed quest tab interactions that caused a client freeze Fixed KBD teleport Fixed WC and Farming banks Revised visual aspects of ::yell rank syntax Gambling Revised visual aspects of planting mithril seeds You can now plant 5 seeds with 1 click. Added agility to items kept on death Added lumberjack to items kept on death Added ::shops to the tutorial of RuneWorld Added new rank scrolls (more information on this will be posted somewhere today) Client updates Added custom texture loading support (See donator rank scrolls :3) Added easier methods to tweak existing item inventory positioning etc.. Login input fields (eg. username/password) Enabled clipboard pasting Enabled escape key to close the following interfaces: Bank Shop For more information on the lava items, check out this video: Regards, Stan and of course the entire team
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    Item Dismantle Exchange Rates

    Exchange rates Dharok's helm can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Dharok's platebody can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Dharok's platelegs can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Ahrim's hood can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Ahrim's robetop can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Ahrim's robeskirt can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Karil's coif can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Karil's top can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Karil's skirt can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Torag's helm can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Torag's platebody can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Torag's platelegs can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Guthan's helm can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Guthan's platebody can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Guthan's chainskirt can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Torag's hammers can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Verac's flail can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Ahrim's staff can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Karil's crossbow can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Dharok's greataxe can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Guthan's warspear can be exchanged for 200 lavatic fragments. Barrows - torag's set can be exchanged for 300 lavatic fragments. Barrows - guthan's set can be exchanged for 300 lavatic fragments. Barrows - ahrim's set can be exchanged for 300 lavatic fragments. Barrows - dharok's set can be exchanged for 300 lavatic fragments. New crystal bow can be exchanged for 800 lavatic fragments. Bandos godsword can be exchanged for 800 lavatic fragments. Saradomin godsword can be exchanged for 800 lavatic fragments. Zamorak godsword can be exchanged for 800 lavatic fragments. Saradomin sword can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Dark bow can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Staff of light can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Berserker ring can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Archers' ring can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Seers' ring can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Draconic visage can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Key of fear can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Key of death can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Key of cobra can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Key of blitz can be exchanged for 1000 lavatic fragments. Hexcrest can be exchanged for 2000 lavatic fragments. Focus sight can be exchanged for 2000 lavatic fragments. Dragon pickaxe can be exchanged for 2000 lavatic fragments. Dragon hatchet can be exchanged for 2000 lavatic fragments. Zamorakian spear can be exchanged for 3000 lavatic fragments. Amulet of fury (or) can be exchanged for 3000 lavatic fragments. Dragonkin lamp can be exchanged for 3000 lavatic fragments. Hand cannon can be exchanged for 4000 lavatic fragments. Mystery box can be exchanged for 4000 lavatic fragments. Charming imp can be exchanged for 6000 lavatic fragments. Green Slayer helmet can be exchanged for 7000 lavatic fragments. Black Slayer helmet can be exchanged for 7000 lavatic fragments. Red Slayer helmet can be exchanged for 7000 lavatic fragments. Legendary Mystery Box can be exchanged for 7000 lavatic fragments. Serpentine Helmet can be exchanged for 10000 lavatic fragments. Abyssal Tentacle can be exchanged for 10000 lavatic fragments. Abyssal Bludgeon can be exchanged for 12000 lavatic fragments. Dragon Claws can be exchanged for 15000 lavatic fragments. Magma Helmet can be exchanged for 15000 lavatic fragments. Tanzanite Helmet can be exchanged for 15000 lavatic fragments. Trident of the seas can be exchanged for 15000 lavatic fragments.
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    Abuse's Suggestions Page

    I have been wanting to make one of these for the longest time but never had the time. Today changes. I will be breaking this thread down into two category's , Wilderness, and General. i Will be adding suggestions as i think of them and removing the ones that get added into the game. Step,02,2017 Super happy most of my suggestions got positive feedback this has further motoivated me to put some time aside to go around the server to see if i can think of anything else. I added a new Category to this thread called "Added/ Getting Added" this is where im going to keep track of all of the suggestions that have been implemented plus a sneak peak to the community to see what kind of content will be added in the future. Step,06 2017 General Suggestions #1 Hex Hunterbow Added to dung shop - Price 2,000,000( Special Attack Boosting three shots Dmg and accuracy by 30% Using 75% Special , Arrowless, Best Bow ingame something to give rangers the option of a bow instead of crossbow, Blowpipe Wilderness Added/Getting Added (Disclaimer) Just because these suggestion's are in the in this category does not mean that they all will come on the next update. #1 Magma Helm should be for Melee , Tanz for Range ( I think it would benifit/add value to these items because they are consider a rare drop but also a useless one ( Example Tanz gives a additional bonus towards Range Def And Atk bonuses #2 Pets should give A bonus towards the Boss ( Example, Corp Pet gives a 5% Dmg Increase towards corp #3 Donor-Shop should offer Yak & Steel Titan Scrolls #4 Mystery Boxes drop table Rework. ( Mystery boxes use to be very popular within our server But its dead content since you cant get anything for them that you cant get anywhere else. #5 Loyalty Shop should sell Cosmetic items along side some new titles ( Loyalty is only used for Veteran cape atm, but after that you have nothing to spend points on. #6 Warrior's guide should drop Flame-Brust Defenders as the next defender after dragon but at a very rare rate #7 Donor-Zone's skilling area Rework ( adding a chance for Noted items during skilling ( Percentage*) #8 Clue Scroll Update (Drop rate seems to be Super rare and we have the ability to add items such as the Third Age long-sword as a ultra rare #9 Trickster , Battlemage , and Vanguard should have a set bonus (Excluding the boots and gloves ) These items should be close to the nex sets and maybe even more $ for them in the donor shop if they have a Exclusive Perk/ Set bonus. #10 More Server Events ( The only events we have as of now are FFA's and Hp Events. Maybe we could have a event where people are teamed up at random 5v5's or 10v10's and they have to work together to win. everyone on the winning team would get a reward but it would be less if they died in the event #11 Vote Shop Rework (The vote shop has been dead content ever since it was released, a rework would benefit us. Giving players new items to save/buy would motivate more people to get voting. #12 Rouge castle's skilling arena rework. ( A Doorway that makes players pay a fee-of-coins to enter/ Thieving Chest Rework, #13Gano Nerf( Gano had the potential to become a alternative to WildyWyrm but for the following reason its never used. Skulls you automatic (Seen people lure this way) very overpowered , Gano not only takes off your prayer ( Part Of the lure) but it hits extremely hard with most of its attacks. #14 Ice Barrage Rework, Ice barrage has been a massive problem within our small pking community, It out hits everything being able to barrage 30's with just ahrims , Also the freeze time is very off allowing 2 or more people the ability to camp barrage on players so they cant move a single square #14 The g-maul, unknown but crazy overpowered when combined with semi- strength Gear
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    Our Merge with Gielinor.org

    Hey everyone, Today Stan and I, and the rest of the RuneWorld team are coming to all of you with a really big and exciting announcement. The management team at RuneWorld have noticed a slight dip in player activity for a small while now. We’ve been looking for a way to remedy this and have found a brilliant solution. We are intending to merge with another server, https://www.gielinor.org. RuneWorld staff have already been informed of this merge and are already hanging out with the existing community at Gielinor. As such, you’ll see lots of friendly faces there. Stan will be a developer there, I will be the community manager and Digimon will be an in-game moderator. Gielinor is a slightly different server to RuneWorld, but not by much. It shares the same values of excellence and refined content, as well as a desire to establish a long-running and enjoyable community, just as we have worked to try and achieve here at RuneWorld. They are a PvM based server, however they do have an active PVP community, as well as plenty of room for clans, which should be a bonus for most of you who have always been eager to have an active PK community! Overall, Gielinor is a well-rounded server that loads the OSRS protocol. It’s got hundreds if not thousands of hours of content already waiting to be played. Gielinor is currently in an ALPHA stage. This means players are allowed to play, however it is not yet a reflection of the finished product. Gielinor aims to enter its BETA phase very soon, and this will be when existing community members will be encouraged to get online and test. After the BETA phase is complete, the server will reset and release. Rewards will of course be handed out to those who participate in the BETA, and we’re hoping everyone from RuneWorld will help us out with this! Furthermore, all RuneWorld members will get to choose from four EXCLUSIVE in-game titles to show off that they were a RuneWorld member. Your accounts will unfortunately be reset however this is to ensure a sustainable economy is formed from release. Gielinor is not a remake server so you won’t need to worry about spending months upon months to get a level 99. Regarding donators, we’ve come up with what we think is a fair way of doing things. It’s very difficult to transfer donations as it could quite easily ruin the economy before the server has released, which will result in no players and thus a complete failure. Stan and I spent days working with the Management at Gielinor to try and achieve a fair transition for both parties. Stan and I love this community and everything you guys have helped us achieve, and appreciate the support RuneWorld donators have given us, and as such have made sure to compensate them fairly in the merge. The details for that can be found below. Only donators that have been active in the last four weeks on RuneWorld will receive the below compensation. Bronze & Silver donators will receive Sapphire Member on release. Gold donators will receive Emerald Member on release. Platinum Donators will receive Ruby Member on release. Diamond Donators will receive Diamond Member on release. Ruby Members will receive Onyx Member on release. (Details on these ranks in links below) Naturally, you will receive all the perks of these ranks, and Gielinor’s membership system provides lots of great perks for you to enjoy. To redeem your rank, we will provide 2 months for you to come in-game on Gielinor and speak to myself. Once you’ve done this I’ll double check your previous rank and give you your new one. Easy! The details of what will happen to RuneWorld are shown below. The game server will remain online throughout January. There will be a message upon login informing you of the merge and reminding you to go sign up at Gielinor. There will also be notifications on the website stating this, too. At the end of January, the game server will be switched offline. The website will remain online until halfway through February, where all pages will then redirect to Gielinor. Things will run as normal until the official Beta is ready at Gielinor, at which time we will probably open up the server to allow you guys to spawn etc. on the server to have some fun as a final hurrah! We realize that merging communities can be a trying process. We only hope that our community can look forward to the massive and immense future we have ahead of us with Gielinor. We want you to remember that just because you will be playing a server under a different name, who we are and the community that has been formed on this great server, will not change. Our friendship circles will grow and we will get to experience new heights among new friends. This merge marks a step forward for both communities and another stride towards excellence. Walk with us towards this new and bright future. Important Links: Gielinor Signup Link - https://gielinor.org/community/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=register Gielinor Forum - https://gielinor.org/community Rune-Server Gielinor Project Thread - https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/660375-gielinor-endless-content-unparalleled-enjoyment-latest-update-16-12-17-a.html Gielinor Discord Link - https://discord.gg/eBXgHyj Thank you, RuneWorld Management
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    Epok's Staff Feedback

    @Stan You know it already my friend. We know each other for long time now & you know how much I appreciate your work! I'm very honored that I joined this server! I'm very excited about this server & it seems to be running very well! Good luck with everything mate & We'll see you in game a lot! K333333 @Zeven I don't know where to begin with. I remember back in the days when I used to be really annoying & keep message you about tons of useless things but somehow we managed to have great contact & I feel we are good friends! Also I will say that to you as I did with Stan, the reason why I joined this server was especially you & Stan! I have a huge respect for you & I appreciate every single work you've done in the past but also what you've done with this server with Stan & rest of the developement team! It looks decent! K33333 @Prophet Before I even start saying few things to you, I might tell you that you & I used to play together few years back & without mention the server I can tell you that my name on that server used to be either 'Rasmus' or 'Tetris'. I really hope you can guess it, otherwise this gonna be very imbarressing for me. You are a cool guy & second of all I want to congrat you on the position you have on this server. I know what it takes to be in such a important position as you have at this moment. Respect for that! I'm looking forward to hangout with you in game. As I can understand on some players you are quiete busy atm. Anyways, I've missed you & really looking forward to play rsps with you again! #BringBackMemories @Divine winds I know you as well from same place as Prophet & I can only say the same things as I did to him. But I do have a few other things to say! Back when we played you use to be really annoying-.- But a huge respect to you! You are now admin & the job suits you perfectly! Respect for that & I really enjoy spending time with you on here! Keep doing your job & some day you'll receive an even bigger position! Believe in yourself mate! @Bodhi Last but not least! The man I used to spend days, weeks, months playing with! You've learned me a lot about staff & you've learned me almost everything about being a staff member & told me basically everything about what it takes to be a staff member. Without you I don't know where I would have been today, so THANK YOU man! Anyways, when I saw that you also were playing this game, I was freaking happy! My first though when I saw you was 'FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEA!!! #StaffPartner'! It's an honor to play with you again & really looking forward to spend even more hours with you then we used to do before! #Cat #Ewwww It's not because I forgot anyone, but I haven't really spoken with many of the other staff members, but I'll make sure to leave a comment as soon we've talked & know a bid of you guys!
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    Xero's GFX Shop

    FREE Accepting Tips. Check my signature, avatar, and forums cover photo for some stuff I can do. Name on the Sig/Avatar/Cover photo: Sig/Avatar/Cover Photo: Tip: Recent Customers @Dreamgam3r - - 100m Cash @Divine winds - - Green Phat @Bodhi - @Digimon - @Obey - @Prophet - @luna - @Stan @Digimon @Divine winds @Prophet @Bodhi @Willus - @Albaneso
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    Hey guys, For todays update we'll introduce something that has been demanded for a long time now. Champion's Guild What is this? The champion's guild will basically be a revised and rewritten Free For All event. However, now player can initiate the event themselves. In order to participate, you must pay an entry price of 20 million coins. The winner's reward will be equal to the sum of all the paid entries. There is a minimum amount of players that have to be in the lobby before the game starts. It functions similar to other minigames such as Pest Control. Where can I find this? Open teleport menu ( 'T' icon right of the word map icon) Select 'Minigames' tab Click Champion's Guild Bank You cannot take any items with you (except for coins.) Trapdoor Enter the trapdoor Leave area Enter game Vote for your preferred game type Leave game Other fixes: Objects Created a trapdoor system and a general interaction system (will be nice for future content) Minigames Created a mini games system Champions Guild is the first product of this, more to come. Combat Fixed multi combat NPC aggressions Further improved certain combat calculations Fixed freezing now takes into account an accuracy roll (this to decrease the odds of continuously being frozen) Prayer Fixed issues with deactivating prayers (icon's messing up)
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    X/Divine Winds

    Eternal Clan Recruitement Thread

    Gl boys, if u ever wanna duo/free for all some boss hit me up
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    No Donations

    Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    Lavatic Weapon Update - Lavatic/LAVA Two-Hand Sword - I think there should be more RNG behind the special ability with the Two-Hander OR should be an UPGRADE, ONLY BECAUSE... it is worth 15million shards approximately 375b-450b....25k-30k a shard? that is A LOT of CASH! not many people will grind for 15million shards unless someone has enough to buy the shards/bar(s) for the weapon. IMO besides the value I LOVE IT; the special is pretty cool, how you can long range special attack if barraged, etc. Lavatic/LAVA LongSword - Well, as far as i'm concerned; the item does NOT have a working SPECIAL, and, should be worked on ASAP and carefully to prevent bugs, etc. The strength and accuracy on this item for the costs of 5 Lavatic Bars is a BIG YES. GOOD JOB! DEFINITELY a big fan of it but the specials effect could be different from the Two-Hand Sword.. Lavatic Shield/LAVA - Lavatic Shield's defense is hands down one of the best shields in-game! it looks a little medieval and weird but the shields stats speak for itself; DOUBLE DIVINE STATS? oh, yeah... for 2 bars it does the job. Could use a makeover in the future, maybe a LAVA SHIELD V2 featuring PRIMAL KITESHIELD look alike?? huh, huh ;)? Lavatic/LAVA Staff - Lavatic Staff should be some Gandelf looking staff with lava texture running through or around the staff; regular attack should be meteors shooting from it! Special should be volcano eruption or something crazy.. something UNQIUE! we got plenty of that! STATS? ehh get into later.. ALSO LAVATIC Staff and CrossBow runes and ammo should be either shards or their own ammunition!!! Lavatic/LAVA CrossBow - Lavatic CrossBow should be INTENSE. absolutely nothing but A WRECKAGE regular attack should be lava spikes or something similar and special should be a lava tornado?! pretty cool guys! STATS? can also be looked at later.. I think there should be more lavatic items in-game such as......Staff for Magic and Crossbow for Ranged.. There would be more people grinding for shards and for those specific items to go with their PVM/PVP sets! it wouldn't make any sense to not have the complete COMBAT weapons.. you know? Thiscould be huge for the ECO AND PLAYERS! let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading! - Sincerely, No Donations
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    Progress report

    So I've played just over a week total, 3 days over a week. http://prntscr.com/h75yyr Proof of time played. So I came on here thanks to Zeven introducing me to this server he has been apart of. The community is very small can be toxic at times but I have seemed to fit into this place really well, Thank you to everyone for making this server so much fun and a place like home where I can participate in lots of things and enjoy every moment of that. I have come on donating quite a bit as you may have seen in the screen... $1090 yea my goal is to become the #1 donator and maybe become some what pf higher rank to this server, I think I have finally found my resting ground. As said above and will say it again... Thank you everyone for making this server so much fun and a real place to grow and learn many things.
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    Cosmic rune


    I have some bugs that would improve the life of players on Runeworld. They are all simple bugs. + Some suggestions that i would like to see. 1. You can take damage when you teleport away and it can kill you even if you are not near the monster. 2. You can die from a titan if you are just outside of a safezone. (titan bug) 3. You cannot enter kbd lair through wilderness. 4.Altar at ::di does not restore drained stats. 5. If you are crafting items it will keep making them even when clicking away. 6. "Right click" prestige should have a confirmation screen. 7. Daily task sometimes spams very hard. (should be able to toggle on/off) 8. If you note primal weapons they are able to be traded. If this is allowed why can't we also note chaotics and trade them freely? 9. It would be cool to see who bought your items in the POS. 10. Void rushing is common in the wild and is very annoying because of the no risk at all. When you die with void it should become broken like on osrs and cost like 1-5m per peice that you have when you die. Could apply to chaotics/primals and it would be a good money sink in the game. 11. The only way to get imbued rings is pking,ti,mystery boxes so there is a lack of ways to get them. I would like to see a way to imbue them through paying boss point or some other point system. - Berserker ring, Archer ring, Seer's ring, Warrior ring = 75 or so points to imbue. 12. More mini quests should be added in my opinion, I've always loved doing quests so seeing more would be awesome. 13. Add crazy archaeologist and Chaos fanatic with odium ward, malediction ward included. ( if possible ) 14. Revision of the teleport menu would be convenient because some of the teleport are pointless or lead to the same place. 15. Some content in the game is very dead such as some of the bosses and mini games. If some drop tables/rewards were reworked or improved it might bring the community to do them again. I will keep adding stuff if my suggestions/fixes sound good to other people.
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    It's been a minute since I've uploaded, check out the video to figure out what's up! Enjoy the video? Leave a like and subscribe for more.
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    Hey guys, What happened to Moparscape? Before I begin sharing our amazing list of today's update, I first want to bring attention to something that occurred recently. Some of you might have noticed that we removed our Moparscape vote link. The reason, is quite disheartening, to say the least. Apparently, the former owner of Simplicity, by the name of Graham (owner of Moparscape as well) had decided to pull a rather foul move on us. This Sunday someone in the staff team pointed out that all of the sudden our Moparscape vote link was being redirected to the Simplicity homepage. I was astounded and assumed someone must have hacked our website. However, the bafflement didn't stop there. It turned out to be the direct vote link from Moparscape, meaning that this was done by Moparscape directly. However things did not stop here, the gold spot and premium sponsorship I bought for our Moparscape top list entry, was also being redirected to the Simplicity homepage. I couldn't believe Graham would actually commit such a desperate move. I had to find out his reasoning for this, how he justified his actions. Thus, I contacted him on Skype. Apparently, we shouldn't exist because our code is based on AJ's Simplicity. To all of you unfamiliar with the RSPS development scene; Simplicity is basically a pimped version of Ruse with a few stains of AJ code here and there. Ruse is something made by Gabriel aka Swiffy, who I have worked with on Ruse 2. Graham reasons his judgment by calling us a Simplicity copy.... Yes, months after our release, in which we had multiple name changes and rewritten nearly all content, the argument in itself is so outrageous that it's nearly laughable. I've also contacted Blake, who said he was not directly involved in this. I am not sure how he could not have been as there was a referral link from Runeworld in the redirect URL, thus there was analytics of the traffic they gained from us. But even if he wasn't directly involved, there was no apology or further comment. I find this very unprofessional and expect a proper apology. This is no call for hostility towards Simplicity by any means. However, I had to share my side of this story. We might not have a top list and RSPS community at our disposal. But we don't need that either, we provide meat and don't steal others bones. That's what makes us grow. Thanks to the community for staying with us, we have a lot of great things planned! UPDATES Hardcore Ironman First of all, we're releasing a new game mode. More information about this game mode you can find here: http://runeworld.org/forums/index.php?/topic/1178-hardcore-iron-man/ AI PVP Bots I am giving the AI bots a massive upgrade, you'll be able to fight more strategies soon. However, due to some big rewrites in the system, I am forced to temporarily disable it. Will be back soon, more info on this will be in the next developer live stream Halloween Event Now regarding the Halloween event, I want to apologize for the delay. A lot of things came to our attention that messed with the time schedule. But after a lot of work and improvisation, we managed to prepare a nice and also quite hard event. The event concerns two brothers, Gabriel and Lucifer. The event will span over multiple days, every day a new clue will be released. So you cannot finish the event in one day. You may start it at Edgeville, near the wilderness edge. Of course, the event will have a nice reward waiting for you at the end. Besides this here is a list of other things this update will include: Game Modes All IronMan game modes, items dropped by you will now disappear. This is because all IronMan modes have received a drop rate increase. IronMan = 10% increase Ultimate IronMan = 15% increase Hardcore IronMan = 25% increase Black plateau becomes Ice plateau once again Combat Reworked a lot of broken combat formula's this is a work in progress, we'd love community feedback on things that should be improved! Skills Rogue Castle Noted rocktail now doesn't stop at 28. Prayer Worked on deflect summoning Thieving @quartz Added a neat dynamic thieving system Acces this by clicking on the Thieving skill icon in the skill tab. Well of Goodwill Added notification: Donation system Changed the notification to now include the amount instead of spamming. Changed the notification to use the name of the item(s) instead of the price. Rank now gets automatically updated when claiming items Bosses Added slashbash to boss point counter Blits at treasure island now always announces boss points Wilderness You cannot use obelisks while teleblocked You cannot use agility teleport while teleblocked Help Rewritten the ::help system. Staff can now more easily address multiple queued tickets. Items Tanzanite + Magma helms fixed anti poison for bosses reflect venom at enemies Added lavatic 2H sword Spec hits 2 times on NPC and 1 times in PVP Distance Magic attack Can be used to attack mages with Costs 60% spec bar. Veteran cape now has AVA effects All gear in the shard shop is now tier 99
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    X/Divine Winds

    Ganodermic guide

    Press ctrl + f and search for your desired Ganodermic spot Black circle = Teleport spot yellow line = Closest possible way Red circle = Ganodermic spot Locations Scorpia lair: Step 1: Teleport to scorpia (can be found in boss teleport 2 lvl 53 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line ( the resource area isn't there couldn't find a better picture) Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Forgotten camp: Step 1: Teleport to Venenatis (can be found in boss teleport 2 lvl 27 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Wilderness castle: Step 1: Teleport to wilderness castle (Player killing teleport lvl 13 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Ruined city: Step 1: Teleport to Zombie Graveyard Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Near the kbd : Step 1: Teleport to Rune Rocks (can be found in player killing teleport lvl 46 wild) Step 2: Follow the red line (had to change due to lava color) Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Buried dead: Step 1: Teleport to Zombie Graveyard (can be found in Player killing tp lvl 21 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Ill add gano mechanics/escape routes/loot shortly.
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    Hey guys, So today's update includes: Daily task fixes Auth claiming vote here: http://runeworld.org/vote Donation claiming Increased prayer book switching speed Fixed infinite prayer bug Made the water fiend at skeleton warlords non-aggressive Added Callisto boss Drops callisto pet an nocturnal and more. Player Owned Shops Made it impossible to edit prices while someone is browsing your pos (you can still remove the item) Added a notification for the owner if people are browsing his pos Improved price notation (doesn't round of to integers anymore) Intelligent bots An intelligent combat session we can divide into 3 sections. Initiation Processing Termination Initiation Similiar to our free for all events, gear and supplies will be provided to match the bot's combat strategy. A player can initiate an artificially constructed combat session by hatching a training bot egg. This egg will be obtainable both in-game and through the web-shop. It is tradeable and stacks in one inventory slot. Processing After initiating the combat session, a bot will spawn and your equipment and inventory will be set to match the bot. Then the bot will cast vengeance, pot up and select his prayers. You should consider doing so as well. Now you can start fighting the bot. Termination If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with one or more drops from the bot's drop table. Also, you will be rewarded with pk points and other PVP rules apply. FAQ 1. Does my bot disappear if our combat session is interrupted? If your combat session is interrupted and you leave the wilderness, the bot will turn back into an egg. However, the egg will not spawn in your inventory but lay at the spot where your bot despawned. 2. Can I drop or pick up items during the combat session? You may drop or pickup disposable resources such as consumables. Except not if the item is equipment or generally considered a valuable pk resource such as runes. 3. Can other players interfere in my combat session? Others will not be able to attack your bot, nor will your bot be able to attack others. However, others may attack you if your combat session with the bot is interrupted. Thus general PVP rules still hold up for the player, however not for the bot. 4. Am I able to receive pk rewards by killing bots? Yes. Same rules here apply as for regular player kills. 5. Are stats temporarily set to match the bot? No. However, if there is a lot of appeal for this we might code it in. 6. What happens if the fight ends in a draw? If both you and your bot die, the bot will turn back into an egg and added to your inventory. 7. Does this count for pk achievements? Yes. By the exception of the achievement concerning a PVP killstreak. However, when the player base goes up we might consider stopping this due to increased PVP activity (and thus increased opportunity.) 8. Do kills add to my killstreak? No. I feel that achieving a killstreak should not become pay to win. We might occasionally spawn bots in the wilderness that you can bounty hunt. As players can not directly control these fights, these will count for your killstreak. 9. How do drops works? Each bot will have a drop table based off his equipment and inventory set-up. The drop rules for this will be similar to that off regular NPC drop tables, all drop tables will be posted publicly. More information about how to obtain them will be posted shortly after the update. Regards, Stan
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    Accepting RSGP Donations.

    Dear RuneWorld community, As some of you already noticed, we have increased in advertisement. Not only are we on several top lists with golden places we also invested into Youtubing. For Youtubing there is a whole different ball game, our payment goes by RSGP. Unfortunately our budget isn't too big so buying RSGP for the rates it's now and paying the Youtubers for the selling rates is giving us a huge loss. There for we are calling in the help of you guys ! We are now accepting RSGP Donations. Not only that, if you donate with RSGP you will have a 10% discount. You can donate RSGP by contact either me, @Stan or @Prophet. RSGP rates : Keep in mind this is different then you would "buy" the RSGP. RS3 ~ 8m - 1$ 07 ~ 1m = 0.90$ All RSGP will be used to fund our Youtubing advertisement.
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    Halloween Event!

    Hey guys Halloween is just around the corner and i shouldve suggested this a tad bit sooner. I have a few suggestions i think everyone would like for an event. Lets get started. Monster/Boss - In this one i think making a monster or boss drop a certain item like candy. Make it drop x amount of candy each kill for example - common drop = 1-3 pieces, uncommon 3-6, etc. Make the boss/monster hard but not super hard where people cant do it. Once you figure out what to do then make a custom halloween shop with items that have to do with halloween or items you guys think should be in the shop. For example: scythe, hweens, costums, or maybe some rare weps and armour. I would like to see new items for this event so people actually put an effort into it. Prices can be divided up between whats rare and whats not so rare. Example: scythe 10,000 candys, Blue hween 50,000 candys. This is just an example you set it what you think is fair. Tasks - For this it is kind of like daily tasks and achievements. But the tasks are unlimited as the event goes on. Each task is different and gives different amounts of rewards. Could include the candy into this one to for reward and also still had a shop. There can be 5 random types of task like easy, medium, hard, extreme, elite. Each level gives more reward. Example - easy 10 candy, medium 20, hard 30, extreme 50, elite 85 something like that. It can be like slayer tasks but with skilling also added into it so you be killing 35 rock crabs for an easy task or killing 7 corp for extreme. Then you can cut 250 logs for easy one or fish 300 rocktails for a hard. You could also make it difficult and not be able to reset your task. But in that case if people have like 48 fishing they shouldnt get a fishing task that they cant do. Might be hard to code i dont know though. Just go Easy - Or we can just be plain and simple and do an event such as a hp event, drop party, trivia, hide n seek. But i dont think anyone would want a plain easy thing like that :). Those are my suggestions you might like them or not like them but just throwing some stuff out there to make people enjoy playing the server! PS - MAYBE THROW SOME OF THE NEW LAVA ITEMS IN THIS EVENT TO GET THEM INGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rock Crabs vs Dust devils Effigy guide

    https://gyazo.com/f4f473917a2125f33e56057ac71627ae inv setup - ruby has unlimited prayer so more p pots for any rank below ruby https://gyazo.com/1231029216e9fda083ecf536fbe1a296 gear - melee is best by far, higher the str bonus the better. Look at gear stats page for 2nd, 3rd ect best setups EDIT: use RoW I've tested 25k dust devils aand 1k rock crabs.. Effigy rate has been exactly the same but you get 3x more summoning exp @ rock crabs but a huge difference in c keys, clue scrolls, caskets. If you want money + effigy's do dust devils - I've had well over 1k keys (10m ea) and 2k clues (10m ea) and countless caskets 3x Summoning exp + same effigy rate do rock crabs (loot is bad) Gl effigy hunting
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    No Donations

    Hi i'm No Donations

    Hello. I'm No Donations/Nostalgia or Matt. I'm loving the RuneWorld Server. Get Hip or Get Cut...with a spoon..son. i'm sure you're already scared by me so lets keep it that way... whatever dawg..i'm out sunny d slim jim michael jordan jesus. peace and love. HMU InGame ;D..Noobs.
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    Sounds great Stan. Can't wait to see the server shine! Big thanks to all the Dev's for the update(s) and their hard work!
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    Adjustment of Drop Tables

    Should add common drops the 6.7% table furys, single barrows pieces, mages books, wans, robins, rangers, noted rocktails, a lot of runes ex, 5k+ at a time, all kinds of TANNED d hides, noted bars for new widy spot, add elder logs to burn only and noted, pure ess, Shards to = a high value item in a new shop example u get 1/100th torva helm piece but that 1 shard is a rare drop from everything but all bosses in wild. Could add to shop Torture ammy, Brace, the 3 colored obby shields i forget the name of, occult necklace, row enhancement scroll ect Add wilderness slayer master only and more monsters other the bosses in wild. Add emblems for pking and rare drop whilst on task. I have unlimited ideas tbh
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    Team Rebellion's Recruitment Thread

    Welcome To The Rebellion ( Rebelliously Roaming the wilderness since 2015 ) About: We are A " Deep-Wilderness" Pking clan so If you are looking to join for "Protection" Look else where. Founded by two people who have a love for the wilderness, deep wildy to be exact. We use discord for almost everything clan related it also doubles as a community hub. Requirements: To be join The Team we ask you to have the following... Pking Stats -126-138 Combat: Microphone ( Of Average quality ) Discord ( Most important requirement ) You will be placed under a Probation Period of three days ( Tank Test, Return Test, Adaptability Test) Ranking: The following ranks are for Clan Only and do not by any means apply in the server as server ranks Manager Deals with Discord and Clan Ranks Deals with Problems involving Discord/Clan Staff members Hosts Clan events Collects PvP drops so that they can be split out Oversees Tests Forums Moderator Enforces rules Resolves issues Recruits members Wildy-Caller Forums Help Clan Support Helps with Recruiting Members Helps get Members in any questions they have Helps Moderators with any duties they may have Helps Enforce our rules . Helps with Organizing PvP Strategies Ranks: Recruit: (Rank given when you meet the requirements of our clan ) Corporal: ( Must be in discord regularly+1 week in clan ) Sergeant: (Must be a discord regular)( 25 return sets) (+ 2 weeks in clan) Lieutenant: ( Must attend clan events )( Discord Regular )( 50 return sets )( One month in clan ) Captain: ( This rank will be awarded in clan by a staff member to those who help out the lower ranks come into discord attend clan event,at this rank you are on the road for a staff postilion. ) General: ( This rank is bestowed upon Staff Members or an Leader of the clan. ) Application Process: #1 Like and Comment on This Thread #2 Simply Private message "Abuse" or "DipChips" on the forums or in-game to ask to join (After you know you meet our requirements) You do NOT have to be an amazing pker to join this clan but skilled pkers will have a better time here You will NOT get any sort of rank or special treatment if you have a Staff rank on your account Our rules are available on our discord due to the length that this post would be. (I am a little new when it comes to forums posts so if you spot anything wrong with this thread or how i could maybe improve it please pm me on the forums)
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    Forum Headers

    Hello! In this guide, I'll be showing you a quick and easy way to make attractive headers for your forum posts. This can help make your threads look much more professional, and give an overall more aesthetic feeling. First, you'll need to head over to a website titled cooltext.com. This website will look like the following. You'll then want to go through these font categories, and find one that you find pleasing. You'll then want to select that graphic, bringing you to a newer menu. Personally, I find the one named 'White' the best, so I'll be using that for my example. Once you've selected your font, the menu that will be shown will have numerous options for you to use. Before Edits Text Within the text category, you'll be able to change the type of font being used within the text. Usually, I'll change my font to a font titled 'Scriptina' as I find it the most pleasing / professional looking script. Also under this category, you can change the text size, but usually I find that the generic size is suitable for most headers. Logo Within the logo category, it will vary between each graphic. For this graphic, we have an option to change the glow color, the inner and outer text colors. I will be changing these colors to a red glow, with black text to show a change from the original image. Shadow Within the shadow category, you will be able to change the shadow, shadow color, the opacity of the shadow, and the x and y coordinates of the shadow. For my example, I will be changing the shadow from 'No Shadow' to 'Sharp' while also changing the opacity to 90%. Composite/Image The last two categories I honestly never touch. I don't believe they have any real usage, so I generally ignore them. But, after going through all of that, here is the final product. After Edits Now, after you've finished your graphic here's how you'll upload it to the forums. Right click, and save the graphic to somewhere on your desktop. You'll then go to a website called imgur.com, once there select the bar saying 'Upload Images'. You'll then want to select 'Browse Your Computer'. At this point you'll need to find your image and upload it. Once you've done that, on the right hand side of the page, there will be something called 'Share This Image', you will want to find the one that states 'BBCode (Forums)'. Copy this link, and paste it into your thread and / or post. Congratulations, you just learned a quick and efficient way to make awesome headers for your threads! Kind Regards, Squishy.
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    Elephant Dutchy

    Elephant's Clan

    Welcome to Elephant's Clan recruitment topic. Elephant's clan is for Pvm/Chill, and just get to know people. Requirments to join in : - Be a friendly person. Members (Liuetenant+ will be able to kick) Leader : Iron Dutchy ------------------------- General : Divine winds Captain : None. Liuetenant : None. ------------------------- Sergeant : Night owl Corporal : Potentials Recruit : None. Rules : ! READ ( When 1 of these rules will be broken, this will result in : - First warning - Second warning - Kick on the clan on Forum and Ingame! ! READ - Follow the rules of Runeworld. - Do not kill any member of the clan (Accepted when agreed on both sides) - Do not kill any ironman of the clanchat! - Be friendly - No flaming/insulting - No racism - No sexism - Once pvming/bossing with the clan, and there has been dropped a rare item. You will share the item/cash over all the players that were with you on the pvm/bossing trip! (You are able to create your own Pvming/Bossing clan party, just to be sure make a screenshot of who is with you, so if any problems will become there is proof) Recruitment's list (Fill in to join) - Ingame name : - First name : - Age : - A short paragraph about yourself : Would you like to participate for our PK-clan, than fill in the format below. (All online PK-clan members will be NEEDED to help out once a we will go into Wilderness) - In-game Name : - First Name : - Age : - Why should we take you into our PK-clan section? : - Are you maxed combat (Prayer/summoning not included) : - A short paragraph about yourself : @ Kind Regards, Elephant.
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    Like/Comment on the video itself! Helps me a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV_E4tbJWpw
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    New Donation Item - Donator Box!

    Hey everyone! If you happened to check out our new store, you may have seen that we have added a new item, the Donator Box! This box has a lot of awesome rewards in it, which are as follows: Common: Ahrim’s box set Dharok’s box set Torag’s box set Verac’s box set Karils’s box set Guthan’s box set Ranger boots Glavien Boots Ragefire boots Wizard boots Amulet of fury Bandos chestplate Bandos tassets Bandos Boots Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl helmet Dragonfire shield Uncommon: Vesta’s chainbody Vesta’s plateskirt Staff of light morrigan’s Leather Body Morrigan’s Leather Chaps Zuriels robe top Zuriels robe bottoms Legendary m box Steadfast boots 50x noted frost dragon bones Third age range top Third age range legs Third age range coif Third age range vambraces Third age Robe Third age Mage hat Rare: Trickster body Trickster Robe bottom Trickster helmet Trickster gloves Trickster boots Battle-mage top Battle-mage legs Battle-mage helm Battle-mage boots Battle-mage gloves Vanguard Top Vanguard legs Vanguard helm Vanguard boots Vanguard gloves Korasi’s Sword Third-age Platebody Third-age platelegs Third-age kiteshield Third-age helm Amulet of fury (or) MEGA RARE Pernix body Pernix chaps Pernix cowl Torva platebody Torva platelegs Torva full helm Virtus top Viruts bottoms Virtus mask Fox Chicken rubber Chicken wings Chicken head Chicken Feet Chicken legs Divine spirit shield
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    Hello, as you might have seen, our website was completly redone in past few days! New update includes New design News loading from forum New webstore New highscores It was quite a project but its finally done! (To make it up for down time, you can use discount code "SEPTEMBER" in store to get 25% discount) Kind regards, Luka
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    King of the Hill (pvp event/minigame)

    I'm a community driven player. I strive to come up with ideas to bring players together. Whether it's toward a community goal, or pitting them against each other in an all out fight on a small hill. :^) Out adventuring RuneWorld, I stumbled across the lone island just east of Yanille. It offers a long stretch to the top of the hill, allowing player to start fighting before they even reach the objective. However, the player still needs to be standing inside the objective at the top to receive any points. Another location for this is more than welcome. Although this area does seem small and could become very overcrowded once player base count goes back up, it does have perfect qualities for a solid good King of the Hill game. Much like how we operate FFA's, a King of the Hill event can be ran by staff and the player at the end with the most points will be named the winner. Gear can be also provided upon teleporting to the event, preventing players with end-game gear overpowering the rest. However, unlike the FFA events, players could have multiple lives allowing them to die and run back into the fight to rack up more points. This will allow the event to last much longer than a normal FFA event. The event is over once a certain time limit is reached, or all players have ran out of lives. Which ever seems more appropriate. Points are given respectively to how much total time the player stood in the objective at the top of the hill. Total kills may or may not add to a players total at the end if seeing fit
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    I do agree it needs an accuracy buff not a damage buff though you still have to take into account the venom damage. BUT +1 to making it more accurate as I hate splashing in virtus with it. Good suggestions as usual lia
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    Forum update [8/28/2017]

    Hello, Today I have decided to update forum to newest version. Forum is now way more secure. You can expect new webstore and highscores from my side in next day or so. Have fun playing the game! If this forum doesn't include recently made topic or post, feel free to copy it from http://www.runeworld.org/forums_old/ here. Kind regards, Luka