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    Dear RuneWorld community, With all the updates happening around and new content being provided we have thought of something new to spice up the Donation box ! We introduce 4 new items into RuneWorld ! Stats as a Chaotic Longsword but a very special effect upon equipping ! Your droprate will be increased by 2% ( will stack on RoW ). Combined with the Angel Sword, the Off hand will give another 1% drop rate chance increase. Stats as an Chaotic longsword but a very special effect upon equipping ! Your damage dealt will be increased by 2% Combined with the Devils Sword, the Off hand will give another 1% damage boost. How to obtain these epic weapons ? They are only obtainable trough the Donation box as a Legendary reward. Who will be the first one to obtain one of the weapons ?! It's just a matter of time !!
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    Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

    Hey guys, First of all, once again, sorry for the big delays. I hope you will enjoy the next event's stage. You can continue it by speaking to Gabriel. Prepare to open your mind and follow the bats! Fixes: Patched Nex armor HP bug Fixed various Icons that got messed up after update 018 Donator icons Youtuber icon Clan Chat You can now dismantle items bought from the dismantle shop for a 15% fee (paid in shards.) Changed food delay timer from 1300 to 1100 milliseconds Combat Started porting over a better combat system Patched up various aspects of our combat system Formula's now more accurately represent RS Another thing I wanted to mention, we now have a fully functional map editor. (I am not too good with it though :p) We will use this to realize and improve upon some very cool ideas uttered in the past. More on this will be posted soon, stay tuned! Regards, Stan
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    bonesaw l

    Demonic Gorillas

    http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Heavy_ballista http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Demonic_Gorilla Hello, I made a old suggestion awhile back I have no clue what happened to it. So, I am going to suggest this again. I would love to see Demonic Gorillas added to the game. They would bring such a good expansion of items to the game. Including Zenyte Jewelry , Light Frame Ballista , Heavy Ballista. You probably could even make a pet. I would suggest doing the drops as pieces to craft the ballista since this weapon is kind of strong. I linked a good source of the gorilla and its drops, stats, and drop rates. If you need me to help make this happen I will even go into each items stats for you. Please leave all opinions on here you will not hurt my feelings. Thanks Bonesaw L
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    Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

    Hey guys, Sorry for the long time interval between updates at the moment. We're in the process of refining the entire streamline of operations that an update goes through. Our focus currently lies in improving the testing aspect. @Rangealldayii is promoted to beta manager, this position entails the supervising and managing of the beta team. This way, testers can shine a light on issues for the development team. Which saves a lot of time. I have started some heavy rewrites in the server's core, this will allow the development team to do some really amazing things. We're going to be hosting a huge community event soon as well, which we will advertise on a big scale. I am not going to say too much about it yet but the AI's will be involved. Oo and we will hand out a nice prize to the winner. Oh, and the Halloween event is extended for obvious reasons:s, sorry about that. I hope the reward will make up for it though Update log: FFA Auto disabled overhead prayers in FFA matches. PVM Donator Zone Made it a non-aggressive area. We're open for more ideas on how to improve this. Corrected Forgotten King clue drops. Increased attack range of Skotizo to fix a safe spot IronMan Added Stardust store to available shops. Skilling Smithing Smithing bolts now give XP. Thieving Patched bug of pets being registered as guards and attacking you. Items Cooking brawlers Added a value so players can purchase them. Lavatic 1h sword Added special attack Made store sell value 2147m (for items on death priority purposes) Trident of the seas Made it possible to cast other spells than the staff-bound spell. Also added end graphics to the spell Objects Revenant town portal Added walkthrough animation Added missing pass requirements for the portal. Cannot pass while frozen as the player is supposed to walk through it. Staff Staff rank no longer negates potential donor benefits. In terms of XP In terms of double drops Regards, the team
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    Hardcore Iron Man !

    Dear RuneWorld community, This is the moment so many of you have been waiting on ! We are proudly introducing you to the new mode, Hardcore Iron Man. Here is the explanation of the mode. You start out with 1 LIFE. This life will be lost if you die outside a safe zone. Safe zones: *Duel Arena *Fight Caves *Pest Control *FFA *Dungeoneering You can obtain additional lives . 1 LIFE is obtained by reaching 1600 total LvL & another one at 2000 total LvL. If you wait with claiming your "1600 total LvL LIVE" until you reached 2000, you get 1 extra additional LIVE on top of the 2. That means, you end up with 4 lives in total. Special PERKS of a Hardcore Iron Man : 25% additional Drop rate boost. A special crown designed for HCM. We also have a Hardcore Ironman Score board. That is like a highscore that shows a list with Harcore Iron man accounts and their play time. Keep in mind, you won't get play time if you become IDLE so you HAVE to play and actually be active In-Game in order to stay on the list. What if I die and lose my last live ? You become a normal Iron man and will lose the 25% drop rate boost. You'll be stripped of the Hardcore iron man crown. What if I die in a safe zone ? You will NOT lose your live.
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    Hunger Games under construction !

    Dear RuneWorld community, With all the updates around us we have been working on a big Mini-Game behind the scenes. A few players & Staff members have been helping us with the content. What is Hunger Games going to be ? Hunger games is a Mini Game with you starting off in a "circle" with 5 - 10 other players. You then have 5 - 10 minutes to scatter the "map" for treasure chests. Those chests have up to 3 items in them. The goal is to get yourself geared up as fast as possible and ofcourse, as powerfull as possible. When the time is over you'll be teleported to a smaller area where you then have to fight each other. Last man stands wins ! The game will be rewarding Hunger Games points that unlock unique features and perks.
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    No Donations

    Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    Lavatic Weapon Update - Lavatic/LAVA Two-Hand Sword - I think there should be more RNG behind the special ability with the Two-Hander OR should be an UPGRADE, ONLY BECAUSE... it is worth 15million shards approximately 375b-450b....25k-30k a shard? that is A LOT of CASH! not many people will grind for 15million shards unless someone has enough to buy the shards/bar(s) for the weapon. IMO besides the value I LOVE IT; the special is pretty cool, how you can long range special attack if barraged, etc. Lavatic/LAVA LongSword - Well, as far as i'm concerned; the item does NOT have a working SPECIAL, and, should be worked on ASAP and carefully to prevent bugs, etc. The strength and accuracy on this item for the costs of 5 Lavatic Bars is a BIG YES. GOOD JOB! DEFINITELY a big fan of it but the specials effect could be different from the Two-Hand Sword.. Lavatic Shield/LAVA - Lavatic Shield's defense is hands down one of the best shields in-game! it looks a little medieval and weird but the shields stats speak for itself; DOUBLE DIVINE STATS? oh, yeah... for 2 bars it does the job. Could use a makeover in the future, maybe a LAVA SHIELD V2 featuring PRIMAL KITESHIELD look alike?? huh, huh ;)? Lavatic/LAVA Staff - Lavatic Staff should be some Gandelf looking staff with lava texture running through or around the staff; regular attack should be meteors shooting from it! Special should be volcano eruption or something crazy.. something UNQIUE! we got plenty of that! STATS? ehh get into later.. ALSO LAVATIC Staff and CrossBow runes and ammo should be either shards or their own ammunition!!! Lavatic/LAVA CrossBow - Lavatic CrossBow should be INTENSE. absolutely nothing but A WRECKAGE regular attack should be lava spikes or something similar and special should be a lava tornado?! pretty cool guys! STATS? can also be looked at later.. I think there should be more lavatic items in-game such as......Staff for Magic and Crossbow for Ranged.. There would be more people grinding for shards and for those specific items to go with their PVM/PVP sets! it wouldn't make any sense to not have the complete COMBAT weapons.. you know? Thiscould be huge for the ECO AND PLAYERS! let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading! - Sincerely, No Donations
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    Progress report

    So I've played just over a week total, 3 days over a week. http://prntscr.com/h75yyr Proof of time played. So I came on here thanks to Zeven introducing me to this server he has been apart of. The community is very small can be toxic at times but I have seemed to fit into this place really well, Thank you to everyone for making this server so much fun and a place like home where I can participate in lots of things and enjoy every moment of that. I have come on donating quite a bit as you may have seen in the screen... $1090 yea my goal is to become the #1 donator and maybe become some what pf higher rank to this server, I think I have finally found my resting ground. As said above and will say it again... Thank you everyone for making this server so much fun and a real place to grow and learn many things.
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    Epok's Staff Feedback

    @Stan You know it already my friend. We know each other for long time now & you know how much I appreciate your work! I'm very honored that I joined this server! I'm very excited about this server & it seems to be running very well! Good luck with everything mate & We'll see you in game a lot! K333333 @Zeven I don't know where to begin with. I remember back in the days when I used to be really annoying & keep message you about tons of useless things but somehow we managed to have great contact & I feel we are good friends! Also I will say that to you as I did with Stan, the reason why I joined this server was especially you & Stan! I have a huge respect for you & I appreciate every single work you've done in the past but also what you've done with this server with Stan & rest of the developement team! It looks decent! K33333 @Prophet Before I even start saying few things to you, I might tell you that you & I used to play together few years back & without mention the server I can tell you that my name on that server used to be either 'Rasmus' or 'Tetris'. I really hope you can guess it, otherwise this gonna be very imbarressing for me. You are a cool guy & second of all I want to congrat you on the position you have on this server. I know what it takes to be in such a important position as you have at this moment. Respect for that! I'm looking forward to hangout with you in game. As I can understand on some players you are quiete busy atm. Anyways, I've missed you & really looking forward to play rsps with you again! #BringBackMemories @Divine winds I know you as well from same place as Prophet & I can only say the same things as I did to him. But I do have a few other things to say! Back when we played you use to be really annoying-.- But a huge respect to you! You are now admin & the job suits you perfectly! Respect for that & I really enjoy spending time with you on here! Keep doing your job & some day you'll receive an even bigger position! Believe in yourself mate! @Bodhi Last but not least! The man I used to spend days, weeks, months playing with! You've learned me a lot about staff & you've learned me almost everything about being a staff member & told me basically everything about what it takes to be a staff member. Without you I don't know where I would have been today, so THANK YOU man! Anyways, when I saw that you also were playing this game, I was freaking happy! My first though when I saw you was 'FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEA!!! #StaffPartner'! It's an honor to play with you again & really looking forward to spend even more hours with you then we used to do before! #Cat #Ewwww It's not because I forgot anyone, but I haven't really spoken with many of the other staff members, but I'll make sure to leave a comment as soon we've talked & know a bid of you guys!
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    Cosmic rune


    I have some bugs that would improve the life of players on Runeworld. They are all simple bugs. + Some suggestions that i would like to see. 1. You can take damage when you teleport away and it can kill you even if you are not near the monster. 2. You can die from a titan if you are just outside of a safezone. (titan bug) 3. You cannot enter kbd lair through wilderness. 4.Altar at ::di does not restore drained stats. 5. If you are crafting items it will keep making them even when clicking away. 6. "Right click" prestige should have a confirmation screen. 7. Daily task sometimes spams very hard. (should be able to toggle on/off) 8. If you note primal weapons they are able to be traded. If this is allowed why can't we also note chaotics and trade them freely? 9. It would be cool to see who bought your items in the POS. 10. Void rushing is common in the wild and is very annoying because of the no risk at all. When you die with void it should become broken like on osrs and cost like 1-5m per peice that you have when you die. Could apply to chaotics/primals and it would be a good money sink in the game. 11. The only way to get imbued rings is pking,ti,mystery boxes so there is a lack of ways to get them. I would like to see a way to imbue them through paying boss point or some other point system. - Berserker ring, Archer ring, Seer's ring, Warrior ring = 75 or so points to imbue. 12. More mini quests should be added in my opinion, I've always loved doing quests so seeing more would be awesome. 13. Add crazy archaeologist and Chaos fanatic with odium ward, malediction ward included. ( if possible ) 14. Revision of the teleport menu would be convenient because some of the teleport are pointless or lead to the same place. 15. Some content in the game is very dead such as some of the bosses and mini games. If some drop tables/rewards were reworked or improved it might bring the community to do them again. I will keep adding stuff if my suggestions/fixes sound good to other people.
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    It's been a minute since I've uploaded, check out the video to figure out what's up! Enjoy the video? Leave a like and subscribe for more.
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    Hey guys, What happened to Moparscape? Before I begin sharing our amazing list of today's update, I first want to bring attention to something that occurred recently. Some of you might have noticed that we removed our Moparscape vote link. The reason, is quite disheartening, to say the least. Apparently, the former owner of Simplicity, by the name of Graham (owner of Moparscape as well) had decided to pull a rather foul move on us. This Sunday someone in the staff team pointed out that all of the sudden our Moparscape vote link was being redirected to the Simplicity homepage. I was astounded and assumed someone must have hacked our website. However, the bafflement didn't stop there. It turned out to be the direct vote link from Moparscape, meaning that this was done by Moparscape directly. However things did not stop here, the gold spot and premium sponsorship I bought for our Moparscape top list entry, was also being redirected to the Simplicity homepage. I couldn't believe Graham would actually commit such a desperate move. I had to find out his reasoning for this, how he justified his actions. Thus, I contacted him on Skype. Apparently, we shouldn't exist because our code is based on AJ's Simplicity. To all of you unfamiliar with the RSPS development scene; Simplicity is basically a pimped version of Ruse with a few stains of AJ code here and there. Ruse is something made by Gabriel aka Swiffy, who I have worked with on Ruse 2. Graham reasons his judgment by calling us a Simplicity copy.... Yes, months after our release, in which we had multiple name changes and rewritten nearly all content, the argument in itself is so outrageous that it's nearly laughable. I've also contacted Blake, who said he was not directly involved in this. I am not sure how he could not have been as there was a referral link from Runeworld in the redirect URL, thus there was analytics of the traffic they gained from us. But even if he wasn't directly involved, there was no apology or further comment. I find this very unprofessional and expect a proper apology. This is no call for hostility towards Simplicity by any means. However, I had to share my side of this story. We might not have a top list and RSPS community at our disposal. But we don't need that either, we provide meat and don't steal others bones. That's what makes us grow. Thanks to the community for staying with us, we have a lot of great things planned! UPDATES Hardcore Ironman First of all, we're releasing a new game mode. More information about this game mode you can find here: http://runeworld.org/forums/index.php?/topic/1178-hardcore-iron-man/ AI PVP Bots I am giving the AI bots a massive upgrade, you'll be able to fight more strategies soon. However, due to some big rewrites in the system, I am forced to temporarily disable it. Will be back soon, more info on this will be in the next developer live stream Halloween Event Now regarding the Halloween event, I want to apologize for the delay. A lot of things came to our attention that messed with the time schedule. But after a lot of work and improvisation, we managed to prepare a nice and also quite hard event. The event concerns two brothers, Gabriel and Lucifer. The event will span over multiple days, every day a new clue will be released. So you cannot finish the event in one day. You may start it at Edgeville, near the wilderness edge. Of course, the event will have a nice reward waiting for you at the end. Besides this here is a list of other things this update will include: Game Modes All IronMan game modes, items dropped by you will now disappear. This is because all IronMan modes have received a drop rate increase. IronMan = 10% increase Ultimate IronMan = 15% increase Hardcore IronMan = 25% increase Black plateau becomes Ice plateau once again Combat Reworked a lot of broken combat formula's this is a work in progress, we'd love community feedback on things that should be improved! Skills Rogue Castle Noted rocktail now doesn't stop at 28. Prayer Worked on deflect summoning Thieving @quartz Added a neat dynamic thieving system Acces this by clicking on the Thieving skill icon in the skill tab. Well of Goodwill Added notification: Donation system Changed the notification to now include the amount instead of spamming. Changed the notification to use the name of the item(s) instead of the price. Rank now gets automatically updated when claiming items Bosses Added slashbash to boss point counter Blits at treasure island now always announces boss points Wilderness You cannot use obelisks while teleblocked You cannot use agility teleport while teleblocked Help Rewritten the ::help system. Staff can now more easily address multiple queued tickets. Items Tanzanite + Magma helms fixed anti poison for bosses reflect venom at enemies Added lavatic 2H sword Spec hits 2 times on NPC and 1 times in PVP Distance Magic attack Can be used to attack mages with Costs 60% spec bar. Veteran cape now has AVA effects All gear in the shard shop is now tier 99
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    Divine winds

    Ganodermic guide

    Press ctrl + f and search for your desired Ganodermic spot Black circle = Teleport spot yellow line = Closest possible way Red circle = Ganodermic spot Locations Scorpia lair: Step 1: Teleport to scorpia (can be found in boss teleport 2 lvl 53 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line ( the resource area isn't there couldn't find a better picture) Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Forgotten camp: Step 1: Teleport to Venenatis (can be found in boss teleport 2 lvl 27 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Wilderness castle: Step 1: Teleport to wilderness castle (Player killing teleport lvl 13 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Ruined city: Step 1: Teleport to Zombie Graveyard Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Near the kbd : Step 1: Teleport to Rune Rocks (can be found in player killing teleport lvl 46 wild) Step 2: Follow the red line (had to change due to lava color) Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Buried dead: Step 1: Teleport to Zombie Graveyard (can be found in Player killing tp lvl 21 wild) Step 2: Follow the yellow line Step 3: Gano will be in this spot Ill add gano mechanics/escape routes/loot shortly.
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    Hey guys, So today's update includes: Daily task fixes Auth claiming vote here: http://runeworld.org/vote Donation claiming Increased prayer book switching speed Fixed infinite prayer bug Made the water fiend at skeleton warlords non-aggressive Added Callisto boss Drops callisto pet an nocturnal and more. Player Owned Shops Made it impossible to edit prices while someone is browsing your pos (you can still remove the item) Added a notification for the owner if people are browsing his pos Improved price notation (doesn't round of to integers anymore) Intelligent bots An intelligent combat session we can divide into 3 sections. Initiation Processing Termination Initiation Similiar to our free for all events, gear and supplies will be provided to match the bot's combat strategy. A player can initiate an artificially constructed combat session by hatching a training bot egg. This egg will be obtainable both in-game and through the web-shop. It is tradeable and stacks in one inventory slot. Processing After initiating the combat session, a bot will spawn and your equipment and inventory will be set to match the bot. Then the bot will cast vengeance, pot up and select his prayers. You should consider doing so as well. Now you can start fighting the bot. Termination If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with one or more drops from the bot's drop table. Also, you will be rewarded with pk points and other PVP rules apply. FAQ 1. Does my bot disappear if our combat session is interrupted? If your combat session is interrupted and you leave the wilderness, the bot will turn back into an egg. However, the egg will not spawn in your inventory but lay at the spot where your bot despawned. 2. Can I drop or pick up items during the combat session? You may drop or pickup disposable resources such as consumables. Except not if the item is equipment or generally considered a valuable pk resource such as runes. 3. Can other players interfere in my combat session? Others will not be able to attack your bot, nor will your bot be able to attack others. However, others may attack you if your combat session with the bot is interrupted. Thus general PVP rules still hold up for the player, however not for the bot. 4. Am I able to receive pk rewards by killing bots? Yes. Same rules here apply as for regular player kills. 5. Are stats temporarily set to match the bot? No. However, if there is a lot of appeal for this we might code it in. 6. What happens if the fight ends in a draw? If both you and your bot die, the bot will turn back into an egg and added to your inventory. 7. Does this count for pk achievements? Yes. By the exception of the achievement concerning a PVP killstreak. However, when the player base goes up we might consider stopping this due to increased PVP activity (and thus increased opportunity.) 8. Do kills add to my killstreak? No. I feel that achieving a killstreak should not become pay to win. We might occasionally spawn bots in the wilderness that you can bounty hunt. As players can not directly control these fights, these will count for your killstreak. 9. How do drops works? Each bot will have a drop table based off his equipment and inventory set-up. The drop rules for this will be similar to that off regular NPC drop tables, all drop tables will be posted publicly. More information about how to obtain them will be posted shortly after the update. Regards, Stan
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    Accepting RSGP Donations.

    Dear RuneWorld community, As some of you already noticed, we have increased in advertisement. Not only are we on several top lists with golden places we also invested into Youtubing. For Youtubing there is a whole different ball game, our payment goes by RSGP. Unfortunately our budget isn't too big so buying RSGP for the rates it's now and paying the Youtubers for the selling rates is giving us a huge loss. There for we are calling in the help of you guys ! We are now accepting RSGP Donations. Not only that, if you donate with RSGP you will have a 10% discount. You can donate RSGP by contact either me, @Stan or @Prophet. RSGP rates : Keep in mind this is different then you would "buy" the RSGP. RS3 ~ 8m - 1$ 07 ~ 1m = 0.90$ All RSGP will be used to fund our Youtubing advertisement.
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    Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    I agree with a lot of these! Thanks
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    Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    Some awesome suggestions, don't really have any disagreements here. Somethings should be prioritized over others, but overall not bad suggestions. Support.
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    100m not pos?

    Has been suggested before, agree 100% with this. Massive support.
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    Got Boost

    New Clan In Town

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    Just first time uploading an actual video. I really did enjoy editing the video. I've planned to do more. Did you enjoy the video? make sure you like the video and subscribe for more video's! Any feedback,improve points is welcome! Thank you for watching!
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    Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    I'm going to have to agree with @No Donations when it comes to completing the set. Though I'm not entirely sure what the stats/look of the items will or should necessarily be, they would be nice to have in-game. The Lavatic 2H and longsword are in a way an extension of Primal weapons, and so it would make sense to have a bow and staff to extend off of Celestial and Sagittarian. It's true that we're trying to reduce the amount of customs that come into the game, but new Lavatic items aren't too far out of the box in my opinion, considering they're conceptual framework has already been implemented.
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    Divine winds

    Epok's Staff Feedback

    Thanks for the kind words bro <3
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    halloween guide by suomitank

    Great vid @rsps tank it's good to have a guide for those who is having a few problems with this quest. You explain well & detailed. Good job!
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    Epok’s Introduction

    Ayy @Epok I'm missing our small squad with Cowman fran and euhm timebrawler back in days haha! Looking forward to play with you and have that bond like we used to have. Love you, see you soon.
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    Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

    oof, you're going to be amazed by the project we're working on :). More on that soon tho
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    Epok’s Introduction

    Welcome to Runeworld mate feel free to chuck me a pm if you need anything don't forget to checkout our facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/runeworldrsps
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    Master cut22

    Epok’s Introduction

    Welcome to the madness
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    Divine winds

    Epok’s Introduction

    Welcome my Scandinavian neighbor!
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    Epok’s Introduction

    Welcome to RuneWorld m8. Enjoy your stay.
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    All the best in the future lad
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    rsps tank

    Suomitanks Ckey opening

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    Staff Only Application Replies

    Tbh, I like and dislike the suggestion. My personal opinion to fix what you've pointed out as being a "boost" in activity would be to removing the post count increase from the applications section of the forums. This would solve the post count issue. In all honesty though, I agree with @Bodhi regarding the Staff - Community ranks. YouTuber, Graphic Designer, and Wiki Editor should be influenced by the community. These positions tend to be community role models, or people who are just generally respected in the community. In any event, my only suggestion to fix "unnecessary posts" would be to remove the post counter from the application section.
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    Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Finished this piece for @Purple Rain. I'm still learning how to make animated signatures, and I didn't want to give you something that I wouldn't use myself. Apologies for not being able to complete the task completely. If there's anything you'd like my to change feel free to let me know. Payment would be lovely as well ;P.
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    Runeworld introduction video!

    Hello everyone, the long awaited introduction video is finally complete! if you want to enter the giveaway and have a chance to win 3 donation boxes then follow the rules at the end of the video! Or just checkout the description! Goodluck everyone and i hope you enjoyed!
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    Inactivity :(

    Hey @Potentials *cough cough cough what a scrub cough cough cough* I love you. You've showed your love with these two videos(In spoiler); And here's my love Goodluck with your work&irl boi. See you soon.
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    Great little update. I love how the emblems show up now. I personally don't mind waiting on that event, you've been super busy with tweaking HCIM for awhile now, which is looking AMAZING so far. Thanks for the hard work on every thing, Stan. Don't work yourself too hard, my guy.
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    Inactivity :(

    shut up nerd. jk ily.
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    Staff Update - 10/31/17

    HAHA poor @Bodhi leave him alone @Squishy
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    Welcome to RuneWorld mate. Don't believe I've had the chance to talk to you yet, but am looking forward to meeting you officially.
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    Dr L

    D R L intro

    Whats up? I recognize a lot of the staff and have decided to give this server a shot since I have worked with them from the past aka Potentials, Bodhi, Zeven. I see a lot of other og people B0wer. See you guys online. :))
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    Dr L

    D R L intro

    Long time no talk mi friend
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    Megafun12's Introduction

    Hey mega! Welcome to Runeworld! Long time no see man, looking forward to walk on this new journey with you.
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    As a RuneWorld Beta Tester, you will have access to the official Beta Server, exclusive not-yet-released content, work closely with the staff and development team, and work to identify bugs and test new content for the server. This is not a "Staff" position, however players will be expected to still uphold proper behavior on RuneWorld, and to not use their rank to try and act above other players, and be a role model for the RuneWorld community, having been accepted as a Beta Tester. Any abuse related to your position through the Beta, or Initial acceptance onto the Beta Team does not guarantee a permanent position, or official rank. Each addition to the team will be required to go through a short trial phase where they will work with the rest of the team, at which point the Beta Team Manager or otherwise will decide if they are to remain on the team. Thank you for your interest in helping the server, and good luck! Application (Copy and paste): Name: Hours played (Proof): How many hours a week can you commit to beta testing?: Why do you think you would make a valuable part of the Beta Testing team?: In 2-4 sentences, explain why you want to be a part of the Beta Testing team?:
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    Megafun12's Introduction

    Hey Mega ! Long time no speak mate, happy to see you around :). I'll talk to you soon !