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  2. Our Merge with Gielinor.org

    Let's hope this project will continiue and strive for the best outcome.
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  4. Our Merge with Gielinor.org

    Looks exciting! Can't wait
  5. Hey everyone, Today Stan and I, and the rest of the RuneWorld team are coming to all of you with a really big and exciting announcement. The management team at RuneWorld have noticed a slight dip in player activity for a small while now. We’ve been looking for a way to remedy this and have found a brilliant solution. We are intending to merge with another server, https://www.gielinor.org. RuneWorld staff have already been informed of this merge and are already hanging out with the existing community at Gielinor. As such, you’ll see lots of friendly faces there. Stan will be a developer there, I will be the community manager and Digimon will be an in-game moderator. Gielinor is a slightly different server to RuneWorld, but not by much. It shares the same values of excellence and refined content, as well as a desire to establish a long-running and enjoyable community, just as we have worked to try and achieve here at RuneWorld. They are a PvM based server, however they do have an active PVP community, as well as plenty of room for clans, which should be a bonus for most of you who have always been eager to have an active PK community! Overall, Gielinor is a well-rounded server that loads the OSRS protocol. It’s got hundreds if not thousands of hours of content already waiting to be played. Gielinor is currently in an ALPHA stage. This means players are allowed to play, however it is not yet a reflection of the finished product. Gielinor aims to enter its BETA phase very soon, and this will be when existing community members will be encouraged to get online and test. After the BETA phase is complete, the server will reset and release. Rewards will of course be handed out to those who participate in the BETA, and we’re hoping everyone from RuneWorld will help us out with this! Furthermore, all RuneWorld members will get to choose from four EXCLUSIVE in-game titles to show off that they were a RuneWorld member. Your accounts will unfortunately be reset however this is to ensure a sustainable economy is formed from release. Gielinor is not a remake server so you won’t need to worry about spending months upon months to get a level 99. Regarding donators, we’ve come up with what we think is a fair way of doing things. It’s very difficult to transfer donations as it could quite easily ruin the economy before the server has released, which will result in no players and thus a complete failure. Stan and I spent days working with the Management at Gielinor to try and achieve a fair transition for both parties. Stan and I love this community and everything you guys have helped us achieve, and appreciate the support RuneWorld donators have given us, and as such have made sure to compensate them fairly in the merge. The details for that can be found below. Only donators that have been active in the last four weeks on RuneWorld will receive the below compensation. Bronze & Silver donators will receive Sapphire Member on release. Gold donators will receive Emerald Member on release. Platinum Donators will receive Ruby Member on release. Diamond Donators will receive Diamond Member on release. Ruby Members will receive Onyx Member on release. (Details on these ranks in links below) Naturally, you will receive all the perks of these ranks, and Gielinor’s membership system provides lots of great perks for you to enjoy. To redeem your rank, we will provide 2 months for you to come in-game on Gielinor and speak to myself. Once you’ve done this I’ll double check your previous rank and give you your new one. Easy! The details of what will happen to RuneWorld are shown below. The game server will remain online throughout January. There will be a message upon login informing you of the merge and reminding you to go sign up at Gielinor. There will also be notifications on the website stating this, too. At the end of January, the game server will be switched offline. The website will remain online until halfway through February, where all pages will then redirect to Gielinor. Things will run as normal until the official Beta is ready at Gielinor, at which time we will probably open up the server to allow you guys to spawn etc. on the server to have some fun as a final hurrah! We realize that merging communities can be a trying process. We only hope that our community can look forward to the massive and immense future we have ahead of us with Gielinor. We want you to remember that just because you will be playing a server under a different name, who we are and the community that has been formed on this great server, will not change. Our friendship circles will grow and we will get to experience new heights among new friends. This merge marks a step forward for both communities and another stride towards excellence. Walk with us towards this new and bright future. Important Links: Gielinor Signup Link - https://gielinor.org/community/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=register Gielinor Forum - https://gielinor.org/community Rune-Server Gielinor Project Thread - https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/660375-gielinor-endless-content-unparalleled-enjoyment-latest-update-16-12-17-a.html Gielinor Discord Link - https://discord.gg/eBXgHyj Thank you, RuneWorld Management
  6. League of Legends

    Username - KiShooooRegion - EU Nordic And EastRank - Bronze And Proud Position Main - ADC / MidTop Main - TryndamereJungle Main - Tryndamere / Xin ZhaoMid Main - Lux / HeimerdingerADC Main - Jinx / Miss FortuneSupport Main - Blitzcrank / Tahm Kench / Soraka
  7. Cya boiz

    see ya satis, was fun having you around mate, good luck from here on <3
  8. Divine Forces out.

    Oh okay, bc i used to be in the clanning world w/ downfall and was confused.
  9. Divine Forces out.

    Nah mate, I used to be in this clan on pre-eoc and an another server.
  10. Cya boiz

    love u
  11. Cya boiz

    It was nice knowing you babe. <3
  12. Divine Forces out.

    i'm a little confused if this divine forces is relevant to the one in osrs
  13. Good job mate
  14. Cya boiz

    Sad to see you go mate You we're definetily one player that I enjoyed playing on this server. Have fun in the future and happy new year to you aswell See ya CuntLad
  15. Cya boiz

    I'm officially gone now, been on/off for months but now there's pretty much 15-18 online the 9 hours I can play it's time to call it done (that number included 3 dudes on 3 accs each) Most the players I started with have all gone already now anyways, but had fun with y'all. Never hated anyone so if I offended you I'm sorry lmao I'm never serious, fuck hating over the internet. Hope you all have fun in future and I'll be back once the playercount improves, as the server is hella good. HAPPY NEW YEAR BOYS! <3
  16. 100m not pos?

    No support on this. Why? By implementing this idea it would mean that players could use items on the POS in return for 100M notes. Now why is this a bad idea? This would ruin the economy cause their won't be any player to player based economy anymore. The POS acts as a Grand Exchange and should stay like that. If you want to improve the POS consider adding TAX on it. This will prevent that the economy would crash.
  17. Was a good Ride

    Haha ty bro, long time no see!
  18. Was a good Ride

    I'll admit to being wrong about you whenever you first got Staff, you did one hell of a job and stuck with it for longer than I ever did. Props to ya mate. Hope all is well and you had a happy holidays.
  19. Suggestion list

    1 Edgeville 1) Edgeville needs to be back to its original state. 2) Add the Edgeville Lever, it teleports the user to the Deserted Keep. This is located near the resource area. 3) Add a PK shop which uses tier emblems like Oldschool runescape. Users need to be able to trade their emblems or pking currencies to other players and to a PK shop. 4) Remove the deposit box from the bank area, there is no use for it since you have a bank booth right next to it. 5) Remove the current crystal chest and put it next to the NORTHERN doors of the Edgeville bank. This will make it user friendly. 2 Minigames/bosses 1) Make Jad harder, Add atleast half of the waves to it. Regular members start at 50% of the wave (Wave 32) While Donators start at wave 42 ( this Is optional ) 2) Once adding the new jad system you might aswell add the new one. The INFERNO. This is a harder version of jad which gives you the inferno cape. This boss has a total of 69 waves. Make regular players start at wave 1 while donators start at wave 8. Why wave 8? Because wave 1-8 is legit time wasting. 3) More and more content is being added into oldschool runescape. Since this server is more oldschool based I would suggest adding raids into the game with the correct drops. This will attract more players to join the server. 3 Skillcapes and Skillcape perks. 1) We have every single skillcape in the game but they are missing one thing. THE PERKS Here is the wiki links which shows all perks. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Cape_of_Accomplishment 2) After adding these it’s HIGHLY recommended to add the master skillcapes as well (120 capes) More will be added soon
  20. Nice work stan! Keep them coming
  21. So I was attempting to add 2fa, but I can't get the console to open and ::2fa doesn't do anything.
  22. good work stan
  23. Hey guys, Sorry for the long interval between this and the previous update. I have been really busy lately trying to get some more funds together. Another point of concern, there is currently someone actively hacking accounts. I got word this was due to a database breach from the original simplicity player files and perhaps a combination of databases of various other servers. We take this very seriously and I am trying to obtain a version of the leaked files so I can figure out what accounts are vulnerable. As an extra layer of security, I have now added google authenticator as optional two-factor authentication. If you have any issues after activating the authenticator, please leave a reply in our discord/chatbox so you can be helped immediately. New home area (without objects): Other patches: Combat Instancing Fixed skotizo instance Fixed KBD instance Multi Fixed skotizo Fixed KBD Skilling Herblore Fixed XP rates of poting making (rates are now its normal rate multiplied by 80) Extreme attack, ranged, defence, strength Overload Woodcutting Resource area / rogues castle noted logs now counts towards your achievements Mining Dragon pickaxe Double ore gains now counts towards your achievements Misc Resource Area Added rocktail fishing spot Fixed noted resources Fixed furnace Fixed anvil Fixed the glitchy hedges at camelot/herblore teleport Double vote points day now actually gives double vote points Prayer teleport now teleports you near the altar. Access by clicking the prayer skill icon
  24. Evil kindling shop.

    we still want this
  25. Christmas video? Mean santa?

    nixk on discord, no skype.
  26. Christmas video? Mean santa?

    @nixk31 Whats your discord/skype so i can contact you?
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