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  2. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    #divineforces rules
  3. Divine Forces's Media

    good work guys
  4. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    looks good man!
  5. Xero's GFX Shop

    So Glad I was able to help out.
  6. Xero's GFX Shop

    Thanks a lot for helping us out with the graphics! Highly appreciated, and 100% +1 from me. Once again, thank you!
  7. Divine Forces's Media

    Thanks for the support man, glad I can help.
  8. This is our Divine Forces media thread. Newest three Picture/Video/Loots will be shown, rest in the spoiler. Made by @Lens Made by @Xero
  9. To start with our name is Divine Forces. Divine Forces is mostly PK(Player Killing) based but we’re also looking for PvMers are willing to learn about the Wilderness, or even pking. We do host sometimes events are related to PvMing, but mostly PK related example, tournaments. 1) Server rules does apply in Divine Forces. http://runeworld.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21-runeworlds-rules/ 2) Respect everyone’s opinion even you’re not agreeing with it. 3) Do not start a offensive discussion or attempt to provoke. 4) We all are one clan, we are working as one team. 5) No Pay for safety(Instant kick) 6) No backstabbing. Accidently attack can happen, if we find out you’ve “accidently(on purpose) attacked you’ll be kicked instant. 7) Stay at “divine” clan chat when pking for easier way to communicate. 8) Planning to be inactive for few days? Report it at Inactivity section on Discord 9) If you are a PvMer and a pk team requires a another teamplayer, you have to join the team and help them out. 10) If you are at Wildy Wyrm/Gano with us, we expect you to help us out with killing other players outside of Divine Forces(if a friend is joining let us know before going). 11) Owners & Managers of Divine Forces are not responsible for your lost items or items being lent out. (you’ll need to fight a general+ as a try-out) (You have to use multiple style. Example; Mage-Melee or Range-Melee) Username: Discord name(required): Age: How would you rate yourself as pker on scale of 1-10?: What is your favourite pk style, and why?: How would you rate yourself as pvmer on scale of 1-10?: What is your favourite pvm style, and why?: Why do you want to join Divine Forces?: Do you agree with the rules, system we’re working with?:Yes/No Everyone is free to join, but remember you’re not offical part of Divine Forces unless you are ranked and you’ll gain access to Divine Forces section of Discord. But you as non ranked you have still rules to agree on our Discord server. Join us at: https://discord.gg/WHFaxuB
  10. Price Guide

    nex sets: 13-15b tent,dwh,zbow,korasi: around 1b zuriels:300-350m piece statius 200-250m piece phats:6-7b ea katana,grains,sled,icons: way more what it says in ur guide (no exact price tho) steads,glaivens,ragefires:150-250m ea hween masks:id say 6-7b and custom way more b neck:1-1.5b ea ring of gods:600-800m serp:1-1.2b dkite:1b+ abby bludgeon: 3-5b elsewise good and clear guide:)
  11. Price Guide

    Some very strange prices in here. Phats are nowhere near 20, they're 6 max. Icons/Sled also worth way more. And Ornate Katana is $150 ish so way more than 10b.
  12. Clan Loot Share

    Loot share already works to some degree to my knowledge. If two people, as an example, kill a boss like Corporeal Beast and loot share is active then they will both get drops. I've done it with friends in the past before becoming SS and it splits the drops roughly in half in that scenario. I'm not sure about more than two, but I would imagine it splitting things evenly in a similar fashion.
  13. Eternal Clan Recruitement Thread

    Gl boys, if u ever wanna duo/free for all some boss hit me up
  14. Gano Drop Called (:

    yeah i dont get anything gg
  15. Last week
  16. Gano Drop Called (:

    Jesus, I'm bringing you with me to every boss I go to lol, awesome job man.
  18. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    It was other way around. RS was always in seers. I nostalgically remember my first time going to it in about 2004!
  19. Gano Drop Called (:

    @Divine winds you’ve been called and got dropped twice. 2-0 @bonesaw l - @Divine winds. Congrats boner!
  20. Gano Drop Called (:

    That's some amazing luck, congratulations!
  21. Gano Drop Called (:

    damn bro, not bad
  22. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    old school rs had d parties in falador then they moved to seers? i believe.
  23. Gano Drop Called (:

    Look at my crazy luck I called from Gano. Double divine ss. https://gyazo.com/a1d09d01db1a868c9cb5aaa3e46c616f
  24. Clan Loot Share

    Love the Idea, might be pretty hard to code though. +1
  25. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    Love the idea, not much of a gambler, but I do see this as a problem for many other servers too, they all use castle wars.
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